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All over this website, you’ll have seen the acronym ASEMAP, and maybe even found your way to our ASEMAP page to learn more about how we do the analytics work that we do. ASEMAP is our competitive advantage and our method for understanding customer choices and behavior.

First, a word from our colleague Camille, on the power of ASEMAP and how this approach can help businesses better understand their customers, from knowing what aspects of decisions matter the most, to what influencing factors inform how they come to a decision.

ASEMAP stands for Adaptive Self Explicated Multi-Attribute Preference.

Adaptive means that as respondents work through our ASEMAP survey structure, the survey adapts, and changes based on their responses. Through the stages of the survey, the responses inform what questions and pair-wise comparisons the respondents must answer. Rather than every respondent taking the same survey, the survey starts with the same attributes or aspects of the customer experience and then builds the survey specific to each respondent’s initial choices. This way, the survey is gauging more accurately what matters to them.

Self-Explicated means that the response data given by the survey respondents show the strength and direction of their choices, based on how they answer the questions. With quick and efficient pairwise and ranking exercises, ASEMAP proves the power of its methodology by making the survey process straightforward and fast for respondents. This reduces survey fatigue, so we lose fewer respondents and keep their attention through the course of the survey, compared to other methodologies

Multi-Attribute means that it uses a variety of attributes, which can be aspects or key points of products, services, and experiences. ASEMAP can juggle over 50 attributes, weighing each against each other with the respondent’s answer. This way, the respondents design the best profile of nudge design, product concept, and customer experience for themselves.

Preference means that we understand how customers make choices. By testing and measuring the strength of their choices and decisions, we can help our clients understand how they shape their strategies and planning to meet their needs.


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