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Customer Success Story: Kelly Sager at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

By OSG Team on April 6, 2022

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers, especially so with customers like Kelly Sager, who we’ve worked with across two MedTech companies that she’s been with. She continues to come back to OSG for the power of our technology and we’re proud to be making an impact on our customers but also with her team at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics. Kelly works on their new Clinical Decision Support Solutions business unit, where she helps healthcare professionals integrate technologies that bring together valuable health insights for making better health decisions with and for patients. MedTech is an industry that is changing at the speed of light, so employees like Kelly need data and insights that adapt to changing market conditions just as fast.

Transcript of video:

I’ve worked with OSG now since 2014 and I come back to them again and again because I just haven’t been able to beat the value they offer.

Hi, my name is Kelly Sager. I’m the Vice President and General Manager of the new Clinical Decision Support Solutions business unit at Beckman Coulter. I’ve worked with OSG across two different companies, first at Becton Dickinson, and now at Beckman Coulter, on a variety of projects, everything ranging from determining portfolio strategy and go-to-market strategy for a completely new-to-the-world innovation, to determining whether or not to retire a product out of an aging portfolio in response to changing market conditions. OSG has helped my company to continue to grow by enabling us to make real data-driven decisions with robust quantitative research that is projectable to the US market, or to whatever market we’re examining, so we can have real confidence in the strategy decisions that we’re making. I’ve worked with dozens of firms over the years, but I continue to come back to OSG because I found they offer the best combination of really three things: expertise and really good research strategy consulting, robust quantitative research methodology, all for a good price.