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A Conversation with Dr. Satya Varagoor, Our EVP of Operations

By OSG Team on October 21, 2021

Tell us about your role at OSG as EVP of Operations.

As the Global Head of Operations, I manage teams that are responsible for all aspects of project delivery, from design to data collection and analysis, and delivering actionable results to our clients. Our operations teams are in the US and India mainly, with a growing team in the EU.

As a leader of a team that encompasses the globe, how do you characterize the team culture?

My team members are truly global citizens who come together to work as one team. It is a collaborative effort, with everyone focused on making meaningful contributions and supporting each other. My focus is to support a culture of learning and growth, an environment that is motivating and energizing to support individual growth while enabling us to come together as one team.

What has been the impact of the pandemic on you and your team?

The pandemic has been difficult, just like for any business where there’s a lot of collaboration involved. It has particularly been difficult to bring new members onboard as the team culture isn’t quite captured even with the amazing convenience of a Zoom video call. Having said that, the pandemic has also taught us to become more supportive of each other and the importance of connecting with each other. We’ve had some fun times on Zoom calls, and I do look forward to being back in the office in some sort of hybrid office/remote work arrangement.

Any tips for working from home, staying mindful of your work-life balance, and taking care of yourself?

You need to have a clear shutdown for the day. It is important to have that closure to rejuvenate and recharge every day. Our work is intense, and the breaks are critically important for us to wind down physically and mentally. I also urge people to take mini breaks during the day for a quick walk outside or engaging in a non-work-related activity.

Any interesting or fun stories of working from home?

Taking calls while I’m cooking for my teenager who is always hungry has been interesting, particularly when I’ve been asked “what is all of that background sizzling noise?” As I’ve seen with myself and others, there are always family members or others who come into the video frame. I’ve seen wandering dogs and cats, and people have shown me their houseplants. The funniest continues to be speaking while on mute and having someone say, “hey, you’re on mute!” It happens even after over a year of video calling.

Any hobbies or interests you’ve picked up during this time?

Netflix and Amazon Prime have become my best friends. I have watched all kinds of content, like cooking shows, documentaries, talk shows, off-beat movies, and whatever’s popular. One can never get enough of the ever-popular Great British Baking Show. I’m currently into Korean dramas. Some I’ve enjoyed are “My Mister”, “Vincenzo”, as well as the recent popular hit, “Squid Game”. I was warned that K-dramas would be addictive, and I believe it now. I’ve also been introduced to a show by my son about Formula 1 racing, “Drive to Survive”. Now I’ve become a Formula 1 fan and I’ve been tracking the current season (Go Team McLaren!).

Why is Operations the best team at OSG?

I’m very proud of my Operations team. We make OSG look great. We are the ones who deliver results and make our clients realize the unique value OSG brings to the table. While we have great tools, it’s the people and their deep thinking and their desire to find the best solutions for our clients that make us shine. We are constantly stretched and for those of you who have given birth, the closest analogy is that every engagement is like delivering a baby: painful and tough but pure joy at the end. It’s all about the people coming together as a team and that’s the secret sauce to OSG.

What are the best parts of your job as head of operations?

Spending time with my team. I’m more of a traffic cop, directing people to ease any blockades to successful delivery of projects. It’s fun because I get to learn from my team and hear fun stories about what we learn from our engagements. No two projects are the same, and that’s what keeps it all fresh. And the fact that I’m a generation away from most of my team, and they are so much more composed and well put together than I was at their age. Problem-solving can be a lot of fun. It requires curiosity, and you must have a passion for excellence. And that’s what my team brings to the table every day, making it fun for all of us.

As you think about the next 12-18 months, what are you most excited for?

OSG is embarking on an exciting journey to become a leading provider of CX analytics. We’re moving from a market research and analytics company to a broader technology-based company. This has brought in a whole diverse group of people to OSG and I’m excited to be part of the journey. I see OSG becoming a leading provider of CX analytics, not just in healthcare but across all industries. This is going to open opportunities for everyone in OSG to stretch and grow and be part of our goal to become a best-in-industry analytics company.