Understand How and Why Your Customers Make Choices

OSG o360™ is an omnichannel customer insight application, delivering a 360 degree understanding of how your customers research, interact, use, and recommend your product or service, both online and in-store. o360 provides you with the customer centric insights to solve your business challenges and needs.


How o360 Works

Working with you, our expert behavioral science consultants conduct a series of workshops to fully understand your customer journeys and interaction points. This is used to design a series of tasks representative of your customer interactions and journeys.  The next step in the process is we recruit a panel of customer participants for the study. If you do not have an existing customer panel we can recruit one for you that is representative of your customer demographics and behaviors, including international panels working in multiple languages where required.

Once screened and recruited we empower the panel respondents with our intuitive o360 application, including a tutorial and a briefing of the requirements of the study along with the potential rewards motivating respondents to complete each task. o360 is fully responsive and works perfectly on any device so respondents can use their own smartphone, tablet or personal computer to participate. We email them a single weblink and they are up and running without the need to download mobile apps.

o360 presents the respondents with a series of tasks representing your customer journey. Each respondent is incentivized to complete each task with reward points which can be directly exchanged for cash, Amazon vouchers, charitable donations or points which can relate to any specific incentive scheme desired.

Once a respondent initiates o360 they will be given an agreed timeframe to complete the unique series of tasks and interactions that our research experts have designed with you. o360 can record all respondent interactions including, where useful, their online searches, social media activity, video and audio diary captures, moderator led community interaction, as well as their survey responses at every key moment of their journey.

Respondents are prompted with in app messaging as well as emails to complete their tasks and provide responses within the required timeframe. We can set up o360 secure locked down online communities to encourage discussion with our experienced qualitative moderators to gain further insight at different points in the study. Even without a bespoke online community activated we provide appropriate survey and moderator interventions through o360 and can analyze them for you in real time.

The Product: Customer Journey Mapping

Today’s customer experience environment has never been more complex, with customer influences and interactions happening both online and offline. OSG’s o360solution provides not just a deep understanding of how your consumers behave but, more importantly, truly actionable insights to optimize your sales.

o360 was born from a need to provide, in one application and service, a single solution to fully understand consumer journeys, the issues and touchpoints both online and instore.

The power of o360 coupled with OSG’s powerful cognitive analytics technology and highly experienced research consultancy provides you with unparalleled insight into how your customers research, behave and interact with your products or services and those of your competitors. This insight can be provided in a one-off study or in a continuous manner to ensure constantly updated intelligence on pricing and innovation opportunities in highly dynamic markets.



The Power of OSG o360

All the data from o360 goes into Dynamo our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform to provide Voice of Customer outputs. Dynamo provides reports and real-time dashboards of the study’s key metrics and results, including:


  • Task progress, completions and findings utilizing charts and tables for quantitative results as well Natural Language Classification and Sentiment Analysis
  • Online Community Activity and Reporting
  • Consumer Assessment Reports on Product or Service Usage and Availability
  • Reports on Consumer Search Activity and Influences

All this leads to deep and actionable insight enabling:


  • Understanding of strengths, weaknesses and positioning versus competitors
  • Understanding of the effect of promotions, opinion leaders and other influences in the market
  • Measurement of brand awareness, purchasing behavior and usage versus competitors
  • Following an analysis of revenue, product mix and margins our Dynamo platform can conduct behavior-based rapid experimentation to provide guidance on how to price differentially and increase your margins.

Our Customer Stories

Effective and Consistent Branding for a CPG Business

Working with an online retailer, we utilized OSG o360to understand the effectiveness of their branding for different services and how this could be enhanced to increase sales.

Using o360, we built a community of respondents, and then mapped their interactions with the branding messaging using our experienced moderator combined with advanced surveys and third party connected services.