OSG can tailor your solution using OSG Dynamo™, an Artificial Intelligence-based Big-Data Analytics Platform that can manage your business KPI’s & outcomes in real time.


OSG Dynamo’s Building Blocks

OSG Dynamois built on a stacked infrastructure that can be configured to meet the needs of the most demanding projects.

On-premise or off-premise solutions can be designed and  managed with OSG’s optimum security, robustness and resilient infrastructure services.

OSG Dynamoprovides outstanding levels of data protection, compliance and security, including GDPR compliance, to satisfy the most demanding standards required by our customers with sensitive patient medical data or highly sensitive commercial information.

OSG Dynamoforms the backbone of our services. It enables us to ingest big data, both in structured or unstructured formats, and model it with advanced behavioral and cognitive analytics methodologies.

OSG Dynamocan produce customized real time dashboard analysis of live customer data feeds to monitor rapidly changing dynamic markets.


Data Infrastructure – Ingests Data From Various Structured & Unstructured Data Sources, API Management Tools


Insights– Real-Time Information & Results Used to Uncover Actionable Insights


Intelligence – Descriptive, Prescriptive, Predictive, Behavioral & Cognitive Analytics using Data Modelling & Analytics


Interventions – Actionable Insights Leveraged to Execute & Drive Real-Time Strategic Interventions for Better Business Outcomes

OSG DynamoOn Demand Predictive Services

Customer Experience & Management

  • Delivering Growth Through Customer Lifetime Value
  • Designing Loyalty Programs and Retention Strategies Using Behavioral Analytics
  • Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Analytics for Faster Revenue Growth

Marketing & Communications

  • Behavioral & Cognitive Analytics to Develop Actionable Segmentation
  • Behavioral Analytics to Guide Innovations
  • Optimizing Messages to Obtain the Highest Customer Responses
  • Understanding Brand Equity and its Importance
  • Pricing Strategies for Easy Adoption and Repeat Purchases


  • Risk and Fraud Analysis to Reduce Cost

  • Behavioral Analytics for Pricing and Margin Analysis

  • Salesforce Design and Management to Drive Efficiency

  • Demand Forecasting Using Behavioral Analytics

  • Powerful Analytics to Optimize Your Marketing Spend and Channel Mix