RetailX 360™ utilizes our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform to ingest both structured and unstructured data and present a unified live dashboard view to understand immediate changes in the market and consumer behavior along with models to predict future behavior.


RetailX 360™ Features & Benefits

Flexible output options

RetailX can output data and analysis in the most appropriate and convenient format for you to use and act upon. Where required, data can be exported to client systems such as Power BI or Tableau and RetailX analysis can easily be exported to PowerPoint, Excel or PDF

Configurable alerts

RetailX provides alerts at the most appropriate operational levels within your business to ensure rapid response to customer issues or rapidly changing market conditions.

Fast and Fully scalable

RetailX is a cloud based SaaS solution able to deal with any size of business and data requirements.

The Details and Impact of RetailX 360

Integrates all your customer data sources – Working with you, our team will review all your customer data sources and link all the appropriate live data feeds into RetailX. Data sources might include survey data (voice or text), transaction data, loyalty data, store training or audit data, mystery shopping data, industry trend data, etc. There really are no limits.

Performs complex analysis and mapping – Our powerful OSG Dynamo™ big-data analytics platform can model your data with a huge variety of advanced behavioral and cognitive analytics methodologies. Dynamo provides our interface (APIs) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines such as IBM Watson, Google Vision and Python to develop actionable analysis, metrics and modelling to predict future customer behavior.

Machine learning to gain greater insight from unstructured data  – RetailX can take unstructured data, such as qualitative customer comments and not only analyze sentiment but also, through expert training of our AI analysis engine, provide detailed and relevant categorisation of comments relevant to your business.

Dashboard views configurable for different levels or team requirements – RetailX’s advanced visualization engine produces customized real time dashboard analysis of live customer data feeds in a large variety of graphical formats. Working with you, we configure the bespoke dashboard views for different users and levels within your organisation such as head office, country, region, sales area or store with simple point and click functionality for users and intuitive design. RetailX allows users to easily ‘drill down’ into data layers for further investigation.


RetailX 360™ provides you with a live actionable view of all your customer data enabling you to:


  • React quickly to highly dynamic market conditions
  • Respond to customer issues before they escalate
  • Develop and understand the metrics which generate success for your business
  • Model and forecast future customer behavior
  • See the effect of your promotions, key opinion leaders, and other influencing factors in the market
  • Optimize your pricing strategy
  • Configure dashboards summarizing all your customers’ interactions at every engagement point and outlet
  • See all your customer data in one place, review trends and set alerts to enable the monitoring and tweaking of your business and stores at multiple levels
  • Create a truly customer centric and more responsive organization able to quickly respond to highly dynamic markets


Working with a global major automotive franchise business to integrate customer data across the organization and drive franchisee success. Check out more information here.

Working with a large quick service restaurant business to monitor operational performance satisfaction of stores