For a long time, energy producers around the world were convinced that more energy would fuel growth in economies. Yet, increasing investments becomes challenging when they don’t account for changing human behavior.


With OSG’s powerful behavioral analytics and advanced artificial intelligence techniques, energy providers and their customers can benefit from improved customer experience, as well as doing a better job of predicting the need for more electrons.

OSG has helped reduce churn of existing retail customers by 30%. Investments in new energy production plants have stopped completely, and consumer engagement is being driven through faster adoption of new technologies that improve resource planning.


Data driven energy solutions

Improving distributed energy resources:

Even today, utilities providers believe that producing more electrons is the only way to address the need for more energy. However, when human behavior and associated triggers are understood, electricity consumption patterns begin to vary considerably. With our advanced behavioral analytics, you can understand current user behavior and identify approaches to alter future behavior to make distributed energy resources more profitable.

Enhancing customer experiences:

Most retail energy providers in deregulated markets compete only on price and offers that increase the cost of customer acquisition considerably. With OSG’s behavioral analytics, you can understand customer expectations and deliver superior experiences to increase loyalty, reduce churn and create innovative products with high uptake.

Upgrading integrated resource planning:

With uncertain reliable energy resources and unpredictable customer behavior, integrated resource planning can be a huge challenge. With OSG’s AI techniques and behavioral analytics applied to demand considerations like customer data and energy resources, you can plan resources in an optimized manner, while reducing costs.