In a dynamic business environment struggling with complex and evolving regulations, cyber security threats, digital innovation, multiple customer touch-points and changing customer expectations, financial services companies need a partner that combines deep industry expertise and experience with cutting edge tools and technology.


OSG’s proprietary big data analytics platform integrates customer data across online and offline channels. By harnessing the power of behavioral analytics, it provides you with a 360-degree view of your customers and business environment in real time.

From assessment of health risk, to detecting fraud and identifying opportunities to innovate, cross-sell and upsell, OSG delivers growth for your business through actionable insights.


Reduction in Churn


OSG’s behavioral analytics solutions delivered a 30% reduction in churn and a 700 bps increase in revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities for a global insurance company.

Improving ROI

High engagement for wealth management companies:

OSG’s products enable financial products’ manufacturers to understand what matters to their financial advisors and high net worth customers. By using behavioral economics and AI techniques to improve engagement with end customers, we bring about better alignment between customers and financial advisors.




Reducing lapse and increasing opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell to customers:

Financial services companies struggle with high lapse rates and high cost of acquiring new customers. OSG uses behavioral analytics and powerful AI tools to raise early warnings for customers who are likely to leave. Through “nudges” that are relevant and personalized for every high value customer, we improve engagement and enable firms to achieve rapid growth.



Resonating with customers through message optimization:

A description of features is an excellent tool to communicate what a solution offers, but it often fails to address unique customer needs. OSG can personalize each point of sale experience for your customers by using insights from our AI powered behavioral analytics platform. Removing the clutter and focusing on the benefits of an offering that your customers value the most can significantly increase sales.

Driving sales efficiencies through resource optimization:


The average revenue growth achieved by companies that optimize market coverage and sales resources is 2% – 15%. By understanding which clients to focus on, and which clients to de-emphasize, significant improvement in margins can be achieved. OSG’s products align the company’s salesforce and resources with the most profitable customer segments, building efficiencies for your business.

Delivering growth by understanding your Customer Lifetime Value:

By accurately predicting your Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV), and combining that with behavioral data, OSG designs customer segments and identifies which ones are of value to your business. For high value and high potential segments, our tools recommend personalized behavioral nudges to engage with every customer, further improving their CLTV, and keeping your marketing cost-effective.

Achieving differentiation through product innovation:

Innovation is no longer a choice for companies, but a necessity to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. By incorporating insights from behavioral analytics with historical data, products can be tailored to customer preferences to address unmet needs in the market. Our product innovation and design solutions help you identify innovation strategies that keep you miles ahead of your competition.

Delivering outstanding customer experience through segmentation:

OSG’s tools go beyond traditional demographic and attitudinal segments. We use behavioral analytics to help you develop customer segmentation focusing on what matters to your customers. This provides a clear view of today’s needs and uncovers future expectations for providing guidance on imminent opportunities.



OSG’s core competency transcends basic market research. From engagement through presentation, the OSG team truly partners with the business to elevate results and performance. And their value extends beyond business. The team provides excellent follow-up and communication, so I as a client can manage my business, and trust that the business engine (market information) is being gathered and analyzed with the highest level of quality.

Senior Global Marketing Manager, Global Technology Company