Unlocking New Possibilities for Medical Devices and Diagnostics


Medical Devices

OSG has provided industry-leading solutions in the medical technology space for over a decade. Our deep industry and subject matter expertise, combined with our proprietary technology and methodologies, have improved customer centricity and delivered double-digit growth for our medical device and diagnostic clients.


Challenges OSG Tackles for Medical Devices

Identifying Innovation Opportunities 

Our proprietary ASEMAP™ technology allows you to understand more current and future unmet needs with greater detail and accuracy than any other approach. This way, you can develop meaningful solutions that better serve healthcare providers and patients. Understanding the opportunities that are available will help drive your company’s innovation and growth.

Understanding your Value Proposition

New medical technology often has far-reaching implications from a clinical, operational, and economic perspective.  Since ASEMAP™ analyzes each customer individually, you can clearly understand why an innovation is meaningful to your most receptive customers, and what the barriers are to other potential customers. You can understand who your current customer base is while expanding your reach.

Providing rapid and cost-effective customer feedback –

Our o360™ solution can provide ongoing access to a panel of healthcare professionals or patients with continuous insight provided through real-time dashboards.  You can understand in greater depth than ever before the patient or healthcare worker journey, their entire set of needs, and how decisions are made when choosing care. You can also rapidly test iterations of a product in development more effectively and at a lower cost than conventional methodologies.

Client Success Stories

OSG unlocked double-digit growth in a major medical device and diagnostic client through a company-wide global acute care segmentation.  This framework of understanding customers, based on the goals they perceive for their organization, was applied upstream for a variety of new product development initiatives, and resulted in a major acquisition, allowing the client to enter a critical adjacent space. It was utilized downstream to improve salesforce effectiveness, showing a reduction in their sales cycle by nearly half and an increase in their average purchase volume by nearly 40%.

OSG helped position a new surgical product entering an already crowded market in Brazil.  Based on OSG’s portfolio pricing analysis, the client launched at a much higher price-point than they had previously been planning.  Despite the higher price, the product rapidly gained leadership status in the market, while still playing well within the existing client portfolio.  The initial success has been so strong that the initiative is now being replicated in markets throughout the globe.

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