Retailers have implemented some of the finest tools and technology products to improve shopper experience. In an age of hyper-competition and omni-channel interactions, they have gone out of their way to design personalized experiences that nudge shoppers to stay engaged. Despite all this, shopper value and sustainable growth remain a challenge.


Growth can only be accomplished by understanding what matters to shoppers, and how their needs are evolving over time. OSG’s products help you stay ahead of the curve by decoding your customer journeys and designing actionable insights that move the needle for your business.

We have delivered a 10-12% increase in new customers, 30% reduction in churn, and growth in shopper basket of more than 100%, all from understanding what matters most to shoppers.


Live 360 Degree Dashboard View of Your Customers:

RetailX 360utilizes OSG’s powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform to ingest both structured and unstructured data and present a unified live dashboard view of your customers. This enables you to monitor changes in the market and consumer behavior along with models to predict future behavior.

RetailX shifts your organization’s focus to the customer for a truly customer-centric approach.


RetailX 360 enables you with:

  • Data ingestion from multiple sources such as survey data (voice or text), transaction data, loyalty data, store training or audit data, mystery shop data, industry trend data etc.
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of customer sentiments expressed via voice, text or other formats
  • Configurable dashboard views at multiple levels, from head office, area manager down to individual store level
  • Improved actionability based on metrics that matter the most to your business


Challenges we can solve

Improving shopper experience:

To fully exploit the opportunities created by multiple touchpoints, organizations must develop a deep understanding of shopper journeys. OSG’s behavioral analytics platform gets to the root of understanding your shoppers’ experiences across online and offline channels. With a 360-degree view of shoppers and their unmet needs, brands can design improved personalized experiences.

Defining unique, universal and ubiquitous shopper experiences:

OSG’s powerful analytical tools ensure that every shopper’s expectations are measured accurately. By developing robust shopper micro-segments through behavioral insights, we deliver the right customer experiences that are unique and the best solutions in markets with diverse cultures.

Increasing shopper spend:

Shopper transactions are getting smaller, and retailers are finding it harder to engage with their customers and increase profitability. OSG’s products use a combination of behavioral analytics and cutting-edge AI techniques to deliver actionable insights and design nudges that help increase shopper basket size.

Personalizing shopping experiences through improved messaging:

OSG leverages powerful behavioral and predictive analytics to personalize nudges for each shopper. Our recommendation engine can assess an individual shopper’s past behavior and future expectations and design messaging that works best for any consumer.