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Can digital technologies help people live and work with greater well-being and mental resilience? Technologies are incorporating a behavioral layer, based on patients’ past actions and attitudes, into the healthcare experience, to help people thrive and prevent harmful choices, such as overeating, drug abuse, and suicide. Based on insights from social economics and nudge theory, behavioral change platforms and solutions are betting big that they can positively influence people’s behavior. But can they?

Join us on October 28th at 12pm EDT for an engaging discussion on the role digital smart nudging can play in the prevention of suicide by affecting the choices of users. With our partners at Nolij Consulting, we’re putting together a panel of experts to speak on this topic. 

Register for the webinar here.

Panelists and Moderators:

Dr. Rinad Beidas – director of Penn Medicine Nudge Unit, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, and Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn

Ashley Mehta – CEO and President of Nolij Consulting

Dr. R Sukumar – CEO and President of OSG Analytics

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements for our panelists! We’re excited to have such a collection of experts to speak at our event!

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