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This webinar delves into the different approaches to accessing return on investment (ROI) during digital transformation activities your company might undertake. By understanding your options, you can better help your organization through the complex process of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is important in our current global shift to digitization, and can be an expensive and lengthy process for companies. Knowing how much the organization is gaining and improving through the return on investment will help drive further digital change. Corinne presents on the importance of digital transformation activities in the global business world.

The two major approaches for examining the ROI are through a campaign and consumer lens, and recording and analyzing data from those two perspectives. Vaibhav presents how these methods differ in their focus and outcomes.


Vaibhav Sharma – Director of Client Services, presenting from Dubai

Corinne Dulles – Vice President of Business Development, presenting from Switzerland

Layton Quinton (host) – Marketing Director, presenting from the UK