OSG was founded in 2007 with the firm belief that for any company to develop and launch innovations successfully, or to create differentiation in markets that are very crowded, there has to be a complete understanding of the drivers and motivations behind their customers’ choices.

With this single-minded approach we set out to make OSG a “catalyst” helping our clients become the best at decoding their customers’ decisions.

Big data became a trend and has evolved from the internet to digital transformation on mobile. OSG adds to historical structured and unstructured data, an important forward-looking “catalyst” that takes into account the future needs of our clients’ customers. This “catalyst” is the single most important ingredient for the big data that helps our clients maximize their long-term financial value and become the best at driving growth through innovation and sustainable differentiation in crowded markets.

OSG Recognition

Our single-minded intervention to focus on understanding customers’ needs, and what drives their future behavior, makes our behavioral and cognitive analytics platforms the leading analytic approach to drive superior outcomes for our clients.

We have continued to evolve and build our technology platform enhancing its capabilities and functionality including the development of new innovative apps which operate on a customer’s or patient’s device to monitor their experiences and keep them engaged in our research projects.


Recognized as an analytics thought leader in leading publications across the globe.