We believe the pathway to an improved Customer Experience and securing Customer Engagement only arises from a deep understanding of Customer Expectations:

“In my years of reviewing analytical methods, I thought I had used every approach. I have never seen an approach that shows such intuitive, impactful, and clear insights that are compelling differences between groups, providing for a high degree of predictive accuracy”


VP, Consumer Insights, Major Broadcast Network

OSG’s Differentiating Trade-Off Exercise – ASEMAP™

OSG utilizes ASEMAP™, the best and most effective tradeoff methodology designed to prioritize needs and gaps as well as opportunities for innovation and breakthrough ideas. For customers ASEMAP™  takes the form of a simple ranking, tradeoff and rating exercise that reduces survey fatigues and tests many more parameters than alternative methods with greater accuracy.

  • Includes all relevant choice drivers – can include a large number of attributes (30+)


  • Algorithm runs in real-time and dynamically customizes trade-offs based on an individual’s responses


  • Superior predictive accuracy when compared to other commonly used choice exercises


  • More respondent-friendly as published in the AMA’s Journal of Marketing Research

ASEMAP™ has proven extremely effective in hundreds of our research projects.



Not only captures choice, but also conviction of choice.


Ensures respondent engagement; creates deep understanding of customer expectations.


Can handle more than 50 benefits, and up to 50 levels per benefit, without increasing survey length.