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Designing a better future for your customers using ASEMAP™

ASEMAPTM has the best predictive accuracy for an algorithm of its kind, capturing customer feedback about what matters to them now and showing what will matter in the future.


The ASEMAPTM Advantage

OSG utilizes ASEMAPTM, a real-time predictive tradeoff technology, designed to prioritize nudges, future needs, and gaps, as well as opportunities for uncovering innovation and breakthrough ideas. ASEMAPTM helps us focus on how to improve customer experience and drive engagement. For respondents, the ASEMAPTM customer feedback interface reduces fatigue and tests many more attributes or nudges with greater predictive accuracy than alternative methods.

The algorithm allows for a large number of “attributes” or “nudges” to be tested using a simple tradeoff approach, asking a respondent to indicate the magnitude with which one attribute is more important than another in driving their choice or engagement. The algorithm works in real-time, learns as it receives feedback, and is extremely engaging to the respondent. Emotional nudges can be designed with the individual’s own willingness to engage in mind. 

Digital data sources that focus on a historical understanding of customer demographics or behaviors are not adequate. With ASEMAPTM, the ability to look at how to change behaviors and how to address individualized customer or patient needs is possible and critical.

Pairwise and ranking questions are asked to gauge the strength as well as the direction of respondents' choices



Not only captures choice, but also conviction of choice.


Ensures respondent engagement; creates deep understanding of customer expectations.


Can handle more than 50 benefits, and up to 50 levels per benefit, without increasing survey length.

Make your data work for you.

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