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From positioning to messaging to content strategy, we’ve got you covered

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Innovate brand messaging to reach new customers

Gauge what messages resonate with customers

Optimize physical and digital media buy

Are you looking for a more effective market segmentation solution? Do you need to find a marketing attribution platform or process to understand the effectiveness of your marketing and messaging on different channels? Do you need to better understand your brand equity or brand value?

Our technology platform uses a unique and extremely powerful behavioral analytics technology, ASEMAP™, which enables a deep understanding of customers and their motivations which can be used to segment them in a way that is more powerful than any other methodologies and can be used to predict and model future customer behavior. Our ASEMAP™-based research and analysis have been used by Fortune 500 companies to support go-to-market strategy, develop value propositions, test new brand messaging, improve relevance, and build a stronger customer base.

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Marketing with OSG: Key Benefits

Test messages on a community of customers

We build communities of customers for gathering data and testing messaging in real-time, to better personalize messaging at scale based on the community response.

Go beyond raw customer data to the choices behind it

By understanding the “how” and “why” behind the customer data, your business can understand the “how” and “why” when marketing is successful or not, improving your data insights.

More effective media buy for all channels

To make sure you’re spending your advertising money wisely, see which channels are most impactful with your audience to make better use of your spending on marketing buy and plans.

In marketing, understanding your audience is vital.

From customer segmentation, to omnichannel consumer targeting, our technology can help you find and target key audience groups for your business, effectively and efficiently, to wisely spend your marketing spend.

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