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We champion customer-centricity

Our company was founded on the idea that focusing on data from individual customers can create the best business growth. And that continues to be our drive today.

Our Approach

We believe the pathway to an improved Customer Experience and securing Customer Engagement only arises from a deep understanding of Customer Expectations:

Understand Customer Expectations
Improve Customer Experience
Secure Customer Engagement
OSG Mission

OSG offers customizable solutions that provide a deep understanding of customer motivation and behavior. What sets OSG apart is our ability to measure the magnitude of customer choice and what matters most to our clients’ customers.


Brand Statement

We are champions of customer-centricity, helping our clients know their customers and predict the next best move for growth: of new users, market segments, brand awareness, product development, and much more. Our proprietary AI & Machine Learning tools and best-in-field behavioral analytics methodologies help our clients see beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior so that we not only know what customers did historically, but we can model what they are likely to do next: a critical tool for intelligent growth.

Our Values


We are accountable for the growth and success of our clients, by using our products and services to deliver outstanding outcomes to them.


We stand by our work and our products, which serve as the fuel for the success of our clients and their customers.


We hold our work and clients in the highest regard and strive to develop our products and services to meet the highest standards.


We strive to grow the company through continued personal and professional development of our talent.


Our combined culture, experiences and perspectives lead to a more comprehensive means of providing outstanding outcomes for our clients.


Our teams’ combined efforts produce a better outcome than any one of us could create on our own.

Our Team


Dr. Sukumar is the Founder and CEO of OSG. Passionate that the only way to drive growth is by becoming customer centric, Dr. Sukumar has worked on a large number of engagements, providing our clients both methodological guidance on the use of behavioral analytics and continuous guidance on how to leverage the analytics for better decision making and continued growth. Prior to founding OSG, Dr. Sukumar spent over twenty years as an academic, teaching marketing strategy and advanced analytics at top MBA and Ph.D. programs around the globe. He served as an Academic Dean for a global business school and has served as an expert witness on a number of patent infringement and class action law suits. As a renowned thought leader in the industry, he has been interviewed and quoted in notable publications such as Forbes, HBR, and Inc. magazine.

Dr. Sukumar has an MBA and a Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh in Marketing and Business Administration, and B.S., Mechanical Engineering, from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.


OSG welcomes deep thinkers, optimists, innovators, and collaborators

Our global team consists of talent hired with diverse skills and backgrounds, to make our teams and departments stronger. Every day at OSG comes with new knowledge learned, new skills gained, and fun team experiences. 


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As a technology company, we’re always innovating and improving our products, solutions, and outcomes we deliver to our clients.

From product development to hiring announcements and from collaborations to acquisitions, this is the spot to catch up on all OSG news. We’re excited to be a growing and evolving global company, with solutions designed for changing markets, and we hope this helps you keep on top of what we’re working on.

Feb 15 2022
DHA Awards Optimal Strategix Group, Inc., in partnership with Nolij Consulting, Five-Year DHMS Contract
Feb 15 2022
Optimal Strategix Group, Inc. and Nolij Consulting LLC Announce Partnership
Feb 15 2022
Optimal Strategix Group Launching New Branding and Website

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