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Clinical Trials

Engage your patients to build a better research project


Retain patients for each study to save money

Track all patient and stakeholder data

Show outcomes versus standard of care (SOC)

We also undertake real-world evidence collection to inform the launch of new drugs and medical devices and improve engagement with medical professionals. Many pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, physicians, and medical organizations have reexamined their previous face-to-face contact with each other. 

OSG can help you understand how to best engage and retain patients in your study and understand the most effective ways to connect through new omnichannel communications and messaging. Each patient in a clinical trial costs the study at least $40-50k, so patient attrition and not needing to recruit more patients will save money in the long run.

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OSG works with nine of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. 

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Clinical Trials with OSG: Key Benefits

Strategize study protocol

Planning for an efficient patient protocol can help your study engage, retain, and support the patients in your study effectively and safely, prioritizing patient health and outcomes at the same time.

Record clinical endpoints for the study

By collecting all patient health data, your team can understand all possible and eventual clinical endpoints for the clinical trial, in preparation for adjudication.

Visualize data in real-time dashboards

Track patient alerts for adverse events and health priorities. Watch the data be collected and summarized in real-time to see how the study progresses.

In clinical trials, tracking patient data is vital for success.

To prove efficacy and outcomes for your research trials, you have to gather all necessary data for meeting stringent measures for showing improved health outcomes for patients. 

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