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Better data leads to intentional growth

We provide technology solutions combined with industry expertise to help organizations of all sizes improve their customer or patient centricity and tackle business challenges with technology and data-driven recommendations.


Improve your customer- centricity with our rich, real time analysis

+ Platform as a Service (PaaS)

For organizations and businesses who want to learn more about the customers, patients, and healthcare workers, our platform technology solutions can be configured to address your specific business needs. Tackle your business challenges and integrate our products with your technology stack for continuous insights.

All about your customers
Understanding choice in health care
+ Our Infrastructure

ASEMAP is our proprietary technology for understanding the strength of customer choice. Through a series of exercises, respondents can pick their ideal experience as shoppers, consumers, or patients, and businesses can understand the behavioral and cognitive analytics behind the customer experience, not just basic ratings and feedback.

Power of customer choice

An end-to-end vision for growth

From digestible data insights to prediction and personalization to delivering engagement for clients, we’ve got you and your data covered.

Looking forward, not back

A historical understanding of customer data isn’t enough for our highly-personalized marketing landscape. We offer the ability to look at how to change behaviors and how to address individualized needs.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate our products with your existing platforms: Customer Data Platforms, data visualization tools like Tableau or ClickView, marketing and sales tools like loyalty programs and CRMs, and more.

Want to grow your company the intelligent way? We can help.

Contact our team today to understand how OSG’s technology and analytics can work for your business today.