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Increase your current market share and data-driven innovation

What Do You Want to Accomplish?

Market current brands to new shoppers

Price your products to show the best value

Build customer-centric strategies for pricing and value

Consumer packaged goods organizations are often pioneers when it comes to improving shopper experiences. As an industry, they realize how important customer feedback is to boost product sales and company revenues. However, many companies struggle to move towards true customer-centricity because their strategies tend to be product-focused when they should be customer-focused instead.

Delivered a 12% growth to a brand that was losing volume in a rapidly declining category and identified 50 new products for a single category for a leading consumer goods manufacturer.
Case Study

Testing and iterating marketing strategy

By using a community of respondents through the OSG o360 platform, our client was able to observe the full customer journey for the current and potential audience segments. By observing where they frequent on the Internet and matching it against a data management platform for understanding audience volumes on those platforms, they could strategically plan their advertising and marketing buy to invest in the best places to catch their customers’ attention.


Increase Market Share

Understand how your brands stack up against those of your competitors. Fulfill unmet customer needs in the marketplace to increase sales and attract more customers.

Optimize Pricing Strategy

Plan an aggressive pricing strategy that results in higher business revenue from existing and new products, by understanding how much customers are willing to pay for your offerings.

Effective Digital Targeting

Strategize your media buy by brand, region, and even consumer segment to derive the highest returns on investment, personalizing your message at scale.

In CPG, making your mark in flooded niche markets is vital.

When it comes to setting your products apart in crowded markets, our technology and strategies can help your brand stand out from the rest.

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