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Build technology for the future of healthcare


Guide the development of a new product

Find the best price point for maximum sales

Identify & reach new customer segments

OSG’s experience in the MedTech space, coupled with our AI/ML-driven technology for behavioral analytics has helped our clients unlock growth. A major medical device and diagnostic client achieved double-digit growth by expanding into an untapped market segment. The maker of a new surgical device was able to launch at a higher price point and gained higher-than-expected sales. These are just a handful of the outcomes that OSG drives for MedTech innovators, service providers, and care professionals.

We have achieved a reduction in our client’s sales cycle by nearly half and an increase in their average purchase volume by nearly 40%.

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Medtech with OSG: Key Benefits

Identify innovation opportunities

OSG’s ASEMAP™ technology details current and future unmet needs, so you can develop meaningful solutions that better serve healthcare providers and patients, and direct your company’s efforts toward the best growth opportunities.

Understand your value proposition

When we analyze each customer individually, the full benefits of new medical technology come into view; know WHY innovation is meaningful to your most receptive customers, what barriers exist for potential customers, and how to expand a product’s reach.

Rapid, cost-effective customer feedback

Our platform gives you access to a panel of healthcare professionals or patients with continuous insight through real-time dashboards. See the patient or healthcare worker’s journey, to rapidly test iterations more effectively and at a lower cost.

In MedTech, anticipating what the healthcare system needs is key.

Our decade of expertise in the industry, combined with our customer-centric tech, has delivered double-digit growth for our medical device and diagnostic clients.

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