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Understand what makes your customers tick


Understand customers’ behaviors and choices

Track customers through their purchasing journey

Test prototypes and messaging in a controlled environment

Our AI/ML-powered technology and solutions depend on behavioral and cognitive analytics to understand customer data. By starting with the “what” and “who” of customer data, we can go beyond, to the “how” and “why”, of their underlying behaviors and decisions, to understand what aspects of your business and marketing resonate with a given target audience. 

Our process for our OSG o360 solution allows you to understand personas and segments within customer communities by testing proof of concept development strategies. Then you can scale up your strategies for larger public audiences and still keep that same effective personalized and targeted messaging strategy.

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Behavioral Analytics with OSG: Key Benefits

Comprehensive technology platform

Our technology platform is able to integrate with third-party data solutions, such as CDPs, EHRs, and CRMs. This way, we can securely analyze your data and give you the insights you need for taking action to solve your business challenges.

Your Data is Safe with Us

We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant, and we make sure to gather and store all data securely in our Dynamo data visualization platform. By upholding these industry-accepted data security protocols, you can rest assured that your data is being analyzed in a secure and sound technology platform.

Powerful Cognitive Analytics

ASEMAP™ is our best-in-class methodology for measuring customer preferences. Through this conjoint trade-off analysis, we can better understand the details and strength of your customers’ choices. The insights we derive from this will help you increase customer retention and engagement.

Understanding behavior and choices

Customer behavioral analytics is the best foundation for future strategy. By analyzing decision-making factors for customers in representative groups, businesses can better understand their audiences and what they’re looking for, both now and in the future.

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