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Healthcare Management

Engaging patients in their care for better health outcomes


Become more patient-centric as an organization

Develop better patient support programs

Stronger relationships between patients and their care team

When it comes to understanding patient experience, OSG has more than a decade of experience working with nine out of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world, numerous medical device manufacturers, and many high-profile providers and health networks. We’ve helped build more patient-centric strategies and develop patient support programs. This experience has enabled us to develop technology to deeply understand patients and engage with them in the most productive way for greater patient retention on trials, studies, and treatment plans.

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Healthcare Management with OSG: Key Benefits

Personalized nudges based on patient behavior

Our behavioral and cognitive analytics can understand patient behaviors and design nudges and interventions so that they stick to their treatment plans and health goals.

Integrating data from all platforms

From patient personal devices and wearable technology to EHRs and CRMs, our technology can help you comprehend all data in one platform.

Gather data from all healthcare settings

Keep an eye on risk scores, healthcare costs, and other health alerts for each patient from inpatient, to outpatient, to in-home care.

In healthcare management, patient outcomes are everything.

By tracking and nudging patient behaviors and health outcomes, your healthcare organization can save money in the long term, improve on quality measures and proactive health management, and keep patients happy and healthy for longer.

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