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Blog / Jan 10 2022

Disruptive Marketing: Going Against the Grain in Advertising

What is Disruptive Marketing? According to Marketing Schools, “disruption is more a business model than a marketing approach.” The idea of disruptive marketing comes from the goal of creating ripples and a splash in crowded markets and sectors. For many businesses, their industry is full of similar businesses to themselves, in fierce and stiff competition. […]

Blog / Dec 23 2021

Join Our Growing OSG Team in 2022!

OSG is a global technology and analytics provider that delivers outcomes to Fortune 500 clients with the help of leading analytical technologies and world-class global resources. The OSG team uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of patients, physicians, consumers, or customers by going beyond the “who” and the “what” and understanding the “how” […]

Blog / Dec 14 2021

Customer Success Story: Tiyale Hayes at BET Viacom

Working alongside Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a strategic partner, OSG has been able to help BET integrate technology to help them understand their audiences. We applied our proven approach for understanding customers in typical business industries to understanding BET’s audience’s behaviors and decision-making processes.   By applying our technology to their target audiences, we could help BET understand how their viewers were making decisions about what to watch. In this specific engagement, […]

Blog / Dec 13 2021

OSG Rebranding Announcement

Brand Upgrade for OSG Analytics  As our company has grown and changed over the years, we’ve used a new logo and branding to symbolize our shift in how we approach customer-centricity. This newest version of our company look showcases our goal to develop and optimize our technology and solutions for the future. And our new […]

Blog / Dec 8 2021

Robots in Healthcare: Current and Future State of Robotic Health Technology

As the applications of technology in all industries, but especially healthcare, grow, we’re seeing an increase in automation and robotics across the board. By reducing the amount of work humans have to do by substituting programs and robots for taking some tasks, human professionals and experts can focus their time and energy on other tasks. […]

Blog / Dec 4 2021

Marketing in Action: 4 Examples of Innovative Advertisements

Here at OSG, we’re in the business of understanding customers and how they make decisions. One powerful factor in customer decision-making is how advertisements reach them and resonate with them. Many companies invest thousands or even millions of dollars in their advertising campaigns, in the hopes that their strategy and designs stick with customers and […]

Blog / Dec 2 2021

Partnership Announcement: Blueshift and OSG Analytics

DECEMBER 2, 2021 – Blueshift, the leading Omnichannel Customer Data Platform (CDP) software company, and OSG Analytics, a customer-centric global technology and analytics provider, today announced a partnership that will enable brands to combine cutting-edge customer journey analytics and industry-leading customer journey orchestration, powered by unified omnichannel customer data. Blueshift was recently recognized among the fastest growing […]

Blog / Nov 15 2021

Improving Shopper Experience: Is Closing Retail Storefronts the Solution?

The Recent Trends of Retail Storefronts It is the age of giant e-commerce companies, and brick-and-mortar retail storefronts are having a hard time competing with online stores like Amazon. Low prices, a huge plethora of choices and the convenience offered by online shopping seems to be very hard to fight against. The result- some of […]



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