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Industry Research

What’s changing in the market and in your industry


Understand the trends impacting my business performance

Gather and analyze data to make better business decisions

Find opportunities for strategic innovation and growth

Our bread and butter as a company is understanding market trends and unmet needs. By starting with customer and market data based on needs and gaps, we can be your strategic partner in continuous innovation and planning for your business’s growth. 

Our proprietary methodology, ASEMAP™, can analyze customer responses both by strength and sentiment. By gathering this data, we can help you prioritize unmet needs and opportunities in your market and how to develop your brand to meet these.

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Industry Research with OSG: Key Benefits

Report on real-time trends and changes

Our data dashboards allow you to track data as it comes in and see trends and changes in your market and niche.

Build presentations based on customer data

Our data visualizations and dashboards can be used in presentations to make data-driven decisions and meetings much easier.

Prioritize unmet needs based on customer segments

By understanding your audience and customer base, your business can discover which market opportunities are the most impactful to you.

In industry research, analyzing and visualizing market trends is vital.

From digesting all sources of structured and unstructured data, to our big-data visualization engine, we have the tools you need for understanding and tracking huge amounts of data over time.

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