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Customer Data Platform

Analyzing data to solve your business challenges


Break down your organization’s data silos

Better understand the data that your business collects

Become a data-driven organization

At OSG, our technology platforms can integrate with any number of third-party data sources. Building on your data with our cognitive and behavioral analytics, all within a secure GDPR and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure, can get you the actionable insights you need for making better business decisions. Our enduring mission of customer-centricity can help your business focus on what matters most for your bottom line and profitability margin.

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Customer Data Platform with OSG: Key Benefits

Comprehensive data solutions

Our technology platform is able to integrate with third-party data solutions, such as CDPs, EHRs, and CRMs. This way, we can securely analyze your data and give you the insights you need for taking action to solve your business challenges.

Your Data is Safe with Us

We are GDPR and HIPAA compliant, and we make sure to gather and store all data securely in our Dynamo data visualization platform. By upholding these industry-accepted data security protocols, you can rest assured that your data is being analyzed in a secure and sound technology platform.

We Use Consent-Driven Data

Using first-party and consent-driven data for our solutions means that we depend on data that is secure and within our control. This leads to more confidence from your customers and more clarity in our processes for how we gather and use their data in our analytics.

For optimizing your CDP, understanding your vast databases is the starting point.

Just gathering data isn’t enough for understanding the opportunities for applying it to your business decisions. Start by analyzing and understanding what you can learn from your customer data to plan for the future and potential of your business.

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