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Customer Success Story: Tiyale Hayes at BET Viacom

By OSG Team on December 14, 2021

Working alongside Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a strategic partner, OSG has been able to help BET integrate technology to help them understand their audiences. We applied our proven approach for understanding customers in typical business industries to understanding BET’s audience’s behaviors and decision-making processes. By applying our technology to their target audiences, we could help BET understand how their viewers were making decisions about what to watch. In this specific engagement, we helped BET prioritize their planning around their award shows. Tiyale Hayes, Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Marketing at BET, shares how OSG helped shape the programming strategy and how our approach gave BET the data necessary to deliver a powerful award show experience to the viewers. 


Every company needs to understand their customers’ data and turn it into value for their business. 

I am Tiyale Hayes, senior vice president, brand strategy and marketing at BET, Black Entertainment Television. 

COVID impacted the entertainment business significantly. With no more live, in-person shows, it was imperative for BET to better understand how to deliver that same big award show feel in this new virtual world. We needed to understand each show’s target audience and what they were looking for to drive tune-in. OSG helped us understand what aspects of award shows were most exciting to both our current viewers and those who don’t regularly watch BET.  

The viewers’ survey process dug into what people care about during award shows, what makes people watch live television, and makes each award show special. OSG performed a quantitative analysis and provided a need-based assessment that uncovered what our current and potential audiences want from their viewing experience.  

The OSG methodology of ASEMAP was able to analyze and organize the respondent data in such a way that we could use it for making decisions. We could see the different award show aspects that mattered to different groups of people to design the best experience for our current viewers while finding opportunities to reach other viewers as well.  

We’ve had great success in working with OSG. They’ve provided insights into our audience in a way that cannot be captured from a traditional customer engagement survey and analytics software. OSG identified gaps of what needed to be addressed in our planning process and helped us shape engaging marketing content for our future award shows.