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Get to Know OSG

Join Our Growing OSG Team in 2022!

By Akhila Sriram on December 23, 2021

OSG is a global technology and analytics provider that delivers outcomes to Fortune 500 clients with the help of leading analytical technologies and world-class global resources. The OSG team uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of patients, physicians, consumers, or customers by going beyond the “who” and the “what” and understanding the “how” and “why” behind their decision-making. OSG focuses on the 3E’s- Behavioral Expectations, Superior Experiences, Guaranteed Engagement.

Brand Statement: 

We are champions of customer-centricity, helping our clients know their customers and predict the next best move for growth: of new users, market segments, brand awareness, product development, and much more. Our proprietary AI & Machine Learning tools and best-in-field behavioral analytics methodologies help our clients see beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior so that we not only know what customers did historically, but we can model what they are likely to do next: a critical tool for intelligent growth. 

We’d love for you to join the OSG team! We’re a global company, looking to hire talent for our teams to deliver intelligent growth to our global and domestic clients alike. Check out our job postings to see what openings we have or use our contact form to get in touch with our hiring team. 

Our OSG Team is comprised of: 

Sales –  Our sales team oversees building relationships with our current and future clients. By building partnerships and long-term relationships with these companies, we can continue to support their strategy and growth. Supported by the Sandler method of Sales, our inside and outside sales teams work collaboratively to provide value to our contacts, no matter what stage the sale is at. 

Technology – Our technology team oversees our PaaS and SaaS products, constantly innovating our technology to stay ahead of the curve for analytics and big data tech. Building on a solid foundation of analytics and industry expertise, our technology team maintains our AI/ML-powered technology that digests all manner of customer data for our clients. By keeping with the latest and greatest trends in the technology and customer experience realms, our technology solutions continue to produce cutting-edge insights for our clients. 

Delivery – Our delivery team brings their expertise and knowledge to help our clients use their existing data, continue to gather useful streams of data, and analyze the potential insights our clients can gain. By delivering the insights and actionable outcomes that our clients need, the delivery team works to bring success for our clients and continue building lasting relationships based on intelligent growth and excellent strategy. 

Marketing – Our marketing team supports our other teams in their internal and external marketing efforts. From maintaining the website and social media profiles to designing and producing excellent collateral for our sales and delivery teams, the marketing team makes sure the company’s brand awareness continues to grow. Through email, social media, and digital marketing efforts, they collaboratively produce materials to continue sharing insights about the work OSG does and the success OSG can bring to any business. 

Product Management – Our product management team makes sure that our PaaS and SaaS products are presented in the best light. From leading demos to developing documentation and materials to explain the structure and impact of our products, the product management team oversees how our products are positioned in our competitive field.  

Client Success – Our client success team oversees gathering information and producing powerful research for our industry and competitor needs, both through competitive intelligence and gathering client feedback. They make sure that our teams and analytics deliver great outcomes to our clients.

Survey Programming – Our survey programming team heads our survey analytics, setting up and programming surveys specific to each client’s business needs, so that we gather the best feedback for decision-making. Understanding survey programming and customer experience are key in this team. 

Field Services – Our field services team recruits and builds communities of respondents so our clients can have live feeds of customer data and trends based on real-time purchasing behaviors and decisions. Understanding the customer behaviors and business needs of our clients is crucial for building communities that provide useful feedback data on their research and shopping needs. 

Check out our available job listings here and contact us through the form below if you have any hiring or company questions!