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OSG Family: Continuous Learning and Professional Development

By OSG Team on June 30, 2021

As with many industries and aspects of life that have shifted to the digital space, corporate learning and training has undergone a shift to virtual delivery of content to its remote employees, especially during the past year with the pandemic. Forbes wrote about this trend in 2020, claiming that “corporate education will never return to the classroom” and pointing out the benefits of moving training resources and activities online rather than holding them in-person. And so far, their prediction has been accurate, including here at OSG. 

OSG teams have opportunities for targeted and industry-specific learning, to continue to grow professionally and expand their skills within marketing and sales. As a company centered around market research and technology, it is important that our team members hone their skills, from social media to content writing to technology skills, as well as a foundational expertise in marketing and business, and to add value to OSG every single day. 

Learning through Virtual Business Simulation 

Many of our OSG team members have been able to experience the Virtual Business Professional Simulation offered by PrecisedOnline, in partnership with the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA. The program is facilitated by Professor Rajiv Grover, the Dean of Excellence from University of Memphis. All the participants in this program will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Drucker School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. 

Currently, we have a cohort of 18 team members who span across OSG, undergoing this simulation, which integrates the “classical” concepts of Management (a la Peter Drucker’s Principles of Management). Through a scenario of building and running a small business, our cohort can learn and apply the basics of entrepreneurship basics, such as advertising, budgeting, pricing, stocking, and hiring.  

We just completed the first of six stages in this simulation, which is all about decision-making as a first-time business owner. We are now into Stage 2, which focuses on getting our business up and running and making decisions about day-to-day operations. We are excited to see what is in store for us in this simulation, including the challenges and decisions that we must make to grow our business. 

Sandler Foundational Training and Boot Camp for Sales Professionals 

At OSG, we follow the Sandler method for our sales processes. The Sandler system, developed in 1967 by David Sandler, focuses on having sales reps act as a consultant rather than a pushy salesperson. This strategy centers around asking the right questions during the qualifying process to understand the business challenges that need to be solved, so that the right solution can be applied, and not anything the contact does not need. 

The Sales Teams at OSG are expected to be familiar with Sandler methodology and to continuously use it in their sales processes to acquire new logos and expand existing logos as we seek to better understand how we can solve challenges faced by our clients.  

In early June, 12 colleagues from across our Sales, Advanced Analytics, Marketing, Delivery, and Product Development teams began their Sandler Foundations Boot Camp with our Sandler coach Gary Fedor. We are excited to offer this Boot Camp so that we can build a body of professionals who understand the Sales process and learn techniques and strategies that they will begin using with our clients and prospects to bring new business to OSG.  


Why We Offer Professional Development Learning 

Our talent is our greatest asset and our hope is that, through these leadership and professional development opportunities, we take OSG to great heights! A Shout out to Dr. Sukumar and our Management Team for offering these professional development and leadership opportunities. We are excited to continue learning and growing the OSG family!