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OSG Rebranding Announcement

By OSG Team on December 13, 2021

Brand Upgrade for OSG Analytics 

As our company has grown and changed over the years, we’ve used a new logo and branding to symbolize our shift in how we approach customer-centricity. This newest version of our company look showcases our goal to develop and optimize our technology and solutions for the future. And our new website shows how far our solutions can go for bringing success to our clients. We’re very proud of our work with our clients and want our website to grow and continue to showcase all of their success through our analytics. 

New Branding for the New Website 

We are champions of customer-centricity, helping our clients know their customers and predict the next best move for growth: of new users, market segments, brand awareness, product development, and much more. Our proprietary AI & Machine Learning tools and best-in-field behavioral analytics methodologies help our clients see beyond trends and uncover the full spectrum of customer behavior so that we not only know what customers did historically, but we can model what they are likely to do next: a critical tool for intelligent growth. 

A Colorful New Look 

The OSG brand colors are rooted in the brand’s energetic and tech-forward nature. The rich OSG purple speaks to our values. The green and blue gradient evoke growth blended with leading-edge technology, propelling us into the future.  

The chosen shade of black is very useful for readability and contrast when combined with the brand’s primary color palette. Our platinum provides sophistication and flexibility. 

Secondary colors provide depth and contrast to the primary colors. especially in data visualization and UI (user interface) applications. 

Our Brand Family 

As our family of PaaS and SaaS products continues to grow, we wanted to bring them together with our new branding, so you’ll see that our consistent purple, blue, green, and black now tie together our technology solutions. This way, our clients know who we are and what we do, from our clear family of brands. Our family of PaaS products, with OSG o360, PatientX360, and RetailX360, as well as our PxidaX platform for customer and employee engagement and feedback, are highlighted on the website and supported with resources specific to each product, and to our work with clients using these products. 

You’ll also see logos for our methodology, ASEMAP, and our technology platform, OSG Dynamo. Both are more prominent on the new website, to showcase how we do what we do. We’ve shown the power of our technology through thousands of client engagements, and we hope to use the new website to continue to build strategic partnerships with clients, to support their continued growth and evolution.  

Looking to the Future 

We’re excited for this new branding to present a new and evolving image of our company and our work with clients. Market research and understanding customers has always been a crowded market, so we want to show that our technology and our understanding of customers through behavioral and cognitive analytics set us apart from the rest. Through our AI/ML-powered platform and technology solutions designed for an increasingly global and digital marketplace, we bring success through our continued focus on customer experience and engagement for more intelligent business growth.