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Customer Experience

Picking the Right Customer Experience Platform for your Brand

By OSG Team on December 30, 2018

The Most Important Aspects for a Customer Experience Platform

Businesses interact with customers every day. Some days, these interactions may be good and at other days, they might not. But every experience determines whether customers continue to invest time and money with a specific brand. So, like it or not, your customers are talking and remembering. The question is: do businesses have the right tools to capture what their customers are saying and thinking?

According to a leading industry report, the majority of organizations are making errors in their customer experience (CX) measurement programs because:

  • They don’t measure CX quality consistently
  • The CX metrics gathered aren’t tied to business outcomes
  • They don’t have a structure for implementing changes driven by CX feedback

The CX industry has gone through many changes in recent years. Previously, there were only two options available to clients: “entry-level solution” or an “enterprise-ready solution.” Many clients were left dissatisfied due to the lack of more personalized experiences. Today, Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are the go-to answer to improve customer experiences significantly.

SaaS-based CX solutions are easier to use because they don’t require specialized expertise for management or maintenance. A feature-rich CX application can be deployed in minutes at a lower cost. In addition, because they doesn’t require technical expertise, you can involve more team members in the CX process, as well. However, with a wide range of CX technologies available these days, it is important to choose the right tools for your specific set of challenges.

Here are some questions to keep in mind when you’re making a decision:

Does the tool help you identify your customer needs?

It is imperative to know your customers’ needs and expectations before planning a product or service launch. CX platforms that have behavioral analytics capabilities can help assess what drives your customers’ needs. Knowing customer behavior in advance will aid in creating products that truly address the unmet needs and improve loyalty and overall product satisfaction. Take US supermarket giant Walmart for example. They cater to millions of customers, and thereby collect huge quantities of customer data. Walmart uses sophisticated data algorithms to predict which products consumers will buy based on past purchase history. And obviously, it’s working well for them.

Does the tool understand shifts in customer sentiment?

With new products, services, tools, and technology being launched in the market every day, there will be a swing in customer sentiment regularly, too. A CX platform that provides real-time insights will be able to capture this shifting customer sentiment effectively. With a platform that is dynamic and adaptable to real-time change, you can make quick and informed decisions that will help you stay ahead of your competition.

Can the tool personalize your customer experience metrics and targets?

Every organization needs to provide personalized experiences for their customers. This will facilitate meeting customers’ needs more effectively and make interactions more simple and positive. The right CX platform should be able to analyze customer data and combine it with behavioral technology to offer a more personalized experience for every customer you encounter. This will guarantee customer satisfaction and increase repeat visits because your customers feel you understand and value their needs.

Does the tool provide you actionable customer experience insights?

Your business needs a CX platform that ties insights to outcomes. The platform you choose should provide actionable insights that can be implemented to drive significant benefits for your customers. In return, to keep your team motivated, be transparent and share these insights so that you bring about organization-wide change. After all, as a wise neighborhood superhero (almost) once said, with great insights comes great responsibility!

The ultimate key to CX success for an organization is to keep a tab on the experience delivered at every stage of interaction with customers, on an ongoing basis. This will help your organization grow, fueled by customer feedback all along the way.

How can we help on your journey towards providing better customer experiences?

At OSG, we want to help you enhance customer satisfaction and create customer-centric experiences for your clients. Powered by our AI driven big data analytics engine, OSG Dynamo™, our tools allow you to collate, manage, and interpret data to derive actionable insights. You can then review these insights to understand what behavioral triggers can help customers stay motivated and engaged with your products. Our tools measure customer expectations and feedback to create personalized experiences that ensure customers stay loyal, therefore reducing churn and increasing customer retention.


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