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Stop Asian Hate: Time to Create Change Together

By OSG Team on May 3, 2021

Over the past year, the world has seen an increase in the number and publicization of hate crimes against our very own neighbors and friends, especially our Black and Asian community members. This violence and hatred must stop. Through awareness, reporting, and building community, we hope that it will stop.

OSG Analytics strives to make a positive difference through our work and how we present ourselves as a brand. Our CEO is an Indian immigrant to the US, who founded this company on the idea that focusing business decisions and processes around customers creates the most opportunities for growth and innovation. To best represent our commitment to our clients and their customers, we wanted to highlight important resources and actions for supporting the AAPI and larger Asian community, as a way of celebrating Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month.

Today’s blog focuses on what we, as individuals, can do to stand against racism and crimes committed against our Asian and AAPI community members. We hope that this piece aids in the larger conversation to Stop Asian Hate and Stop AAPI Hate.




Websites like that for Stop AAPI Hate are filled with resources for all learning needs. They have resources for learning about the history of anti-Asian violence and systems in the United States, as well as reporting on current events and legislation being proposed to stop the increase in hate crimes.

Report instances of hate crimes

If you are a witness or bystander to hate crimes against Asian American or Pacific Islanders, report it at this website. The form is available in multiple languages and also lists recent reports of hate crimes.



If you’re able to, you can donate to support the mission of organizations working to stop anti-Asian violence. You can donate to Stop AAPI Hate directly or check out Anti-Asian Violence Resources which has a list of similar organizations’ donation pages. 


Learn some more

There’s always more to learn about any given topic, but especially about Asians and the AAPI community. This community isn’t homogeneous in the least, and awareness of its diversity is slowly increasing over time. Book lists like this one from Time Magazine, and those like it, are a great starting point for reading and learning more about the Asian community, specific to the US, as well as the global diaspora and community of Asians.