At OSG, we are a team of doers. We are risk-takers, we’re fast-learners, and we are experts at our jobs. We like to help our customers solve complex challenges. We get our hands dirty, brainstorm with thought leaders and produce actionable results for our customers.

Growth and Recognition

At OSG, we invest time and energy on ensuring that our talent grows and achieves higher milestones, to reach their full potential. We love celebrating and calling out jobs well done, and make sure our talent feels loved and valued, every single day.

Happy Workplace

At OSG, we create a positive work environment that our talent looks forward to. From celebrating the wins to enjoying the milestones, we make great memories for everyone along the way.

Comprehensive Benefits

OSG offers benefits that have meaning for our talent at every stage of life, because we know that when they are healthy and happy, they do their best work.