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Financial Services

Case Study: Penny for Your Customers’ Thoughts

How OSG helped a leading global benefits consulting firm unify their fragmented business data to segment customers and develop a suitable marketing strategy that improved profitability.

The client is focused on delivering solutions in 130 countries across investments, retirement, health and talent management. They have over 20,000 employees and thousands of clients globally and used many internal and external sources of data and information to meet business needs. The data environment was highly fragmented. Our client was faced with a shrinking revenue base and stagnant profitability. With limited insight into B2B client segments, they lacked focus for growth. Heuristic-driven strategies had been employed for the prioritization of clients and prospects for acquisition, expansion and retention activities. The client tasked OSG with optimization of the sales process and resource utilization for efficient Go-To-Market strategies. Using OSG’s predictive analytics solutions, the client could identify the right marketing strategy for each customer segment, focus on customers with higher lifetime value and create highly efficient customer engagement models.

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