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Your Compass Towards Customer-Centric Growth and Employee Engagement

A powerful insights platform with data analytics for small and medium-sized businesses, PxidaXTM serves as a foundation for gathering actionable insights from your business’s audience. The PxidaXTM platform supports our two expert-designed survey products: PxidaCXTM for customer satisfaction and PxidaEXTM for employee engagement. 


Customer experience feedback tool that provides clear insights on your customer’s pain points and opportunities for growth. Improve your business outcomes by quantifying what really matters to your customers and taking the right actions timely and effectively. Fueled by OSG’s powerful behavioral analytics algorithms, PxidaCXTM surveys provide tangible actionable insights to improve your bottom-line performance.

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Employee engagement tool that aids HR professionals to effectively engage with employees, reduce employee churn, and lower employee costs. Imbued with OSG’s powerful behavioral analytics, PxidaEXTM survey results automatically provide clear recommendations on what actions can positively impact employee satisfaction.

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Easy-to-use survey templates:

PxidaCXTM and PxidaEXTM feature libraries of surveys that are ready to go for monitoring the customer and employee lifecycle. From assessing initial customer experience to understanding NPS, and from initial onboarding all the way to final exit, understand your customers and employees better.

In both products, you also have the flexibility to create custom surveys or add custom questions to our templates to suit your needs.

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Value that can't be beat:

Our competitively-priced subscription plans for PxidaCXTM and PxidaEXTM allow you to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to starting to gather customer and employee feedback today. You can also contact our sales team if you need a customized pricing plan for your business needs.

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Gathering valuable customer and employee feedback

What Matters Most

Our competitive advantage of powering our easy-to-use surveys with behavioral and cognitive analytics to understand customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Building Global Surveys

The PxidaXTM platform allows for customizing both the language that the surveys are created in and the language respondents can choose for answering.

Timeline of Surveys

Schedule recurring surveys to your audience, to gather periodic pulses of data throughout the year. You can even edit surveys without pausing the timeline.

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