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Smart Nudging: Can Digital Healthcare Technologies Prevent Suicide?

By OSG Team on October 21, 2021

In partnership with Nolij Consulting and sponsored by IBM, we hosted a webinar on the topic of how smart nudging and digital healthcare technologies can play a vital role in preventing suicide and addressing mental health concerns for veterans. While in the military and while transitioning back to civilian life, veterans face a lot of uncertainty and stress. Gauging and understanding their own mental health with these technologies can help them adjust smoothly and safely to civilian life. This way, their healthcare providers can support them all along the way. Smart nudging is not just about pushing people to a certain action. It’s about designing technology to help them reach the health goals they set for themselves.

Learn more from our speakers and moderators on this important topic in our webinar recording.

  • Dr. Rinad Beidas: Director of Penn Medicine Nudge Unit, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, and Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at University of Pennsylvania
  • Ginger Miller: Member of Board of Governors of the USO, CEO of Women Veterans Interactive, Advisory Board Member for Northwest Federal Credit Union
  • Mark F. Newsome: Vice President and Senior Partner, U.S. Federal Healthcare, IBM Consulting
  • Ashley Mehta: CEO, President, and Chairwoman of Nolij Consulting
  • Dr. R Sukumar: CEO, President, and Chairman of OSG Analytics

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