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Sustainability: The Reward of Getting it Right

By Akhila Sriram on November 23, 2022

When it comes to sustainability in business strategy, it’s hard for businesses to decide where to start and what initiatives to implement. And in an uncertain area of strategy, largely driven by ROI, it’s dangerous to make the wrong decision when it comes to implementing these initiatives, at the risk of making little to no impact on customers or revenue. Join us for a discussion on how strategy regarding sustainability needs to start from the customer level, to make the best impact on sales and customer retention.


Alex Peters leads the purpose insights vertical as part of Reckitt’s centre of excellence for insights. He works to support the business to deliver tangible and measurable beneficial societal impact through the products that Reckitt produces and through the actions the portfolio of brands takes. With a Master’s in neuroscience and 14 years of experience working in insights, he has a passion for understanding why we each do what we do, and how together we can support each other in ensuring that we take better actions for the world around us and for the society that joins us together.

Philippe Coquelle is the Head of Insights for Europe at Barilla Group. He did most of his research career on the agency side. He started in the 90s with Kantar in France. Rapidly he moved to China with Kantar, then Nielsen. After a short stay in Dubai, he moved back to Asia, Singapore where he joined Barilla after a few years. He moved back to France 2 years ago. He is managing insights for the Barilla brands – Barilla, WASA, and Harrys.

Stephen Donajgrodzki is the founder of Naytava. He has spent over 20 years helping Governments, NGOs, large corporations, and SMEs shape people’s behaviour across a variety of sectors including CPG, the Public Sector, Health and pharma, tech, and finance. In terms of sustainability people in their different roles from consumers, to members of staff and even regulators act for a number of different reasons some of which they are more aware of and proud of, than others. Stephen’s roles have ranged from Global director of behavioral science at Kellogg to launching the global Be Sci practice at Ipsos, helping create a consultancy for Dentsu Aegis to being a lead author on the common good workstream into communication and behaviour change for the UK government.