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Customer Experience

White Paper: Driving Return on Customer Experience

Return on Customer Experience (ROCX) is an important metric to track how your investment in customer experience pans out. But how can you drive change within your customer experience? We share our top tips for making an impact on CX

Most marketers struggle to design a customer experience (CX) program that truly moves the needle for their business. This is because customer touch-points have become more complex, and customers are more connected to your brand than ever. With a growing need for programs that truly identify what matters to your customers and lead to sustainable customer delight, many new tools and methodologies claim to know what you need to load your CX arsenal.

This paper aims to identify which questions a CX program must help you address, which performance indicators are optimal for your brand, and how to truly understand customer expectations and tie it back to a tangible revenue impact that justifies the investment of time, effort, and money.