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Industry Insights

White Paper: De-Risking Pricing Strategy Decisions During Rapid Inflation

In this whitepaper, we share strategies for taking the risk out of business decisions during times of rapid inflation. When businesses need stability, best practices like these are necessary to instill confidence in the decision-making process.

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White Paper: The Triple Threat for Marketing and Insights in 2023

In this whitepaper, we tackle the top concerns for teams who work in marketing and insights in 2023. The scale, pace, and fidelity for handling and analyzing data are crucial for making sure these teams are getting actionable insights for making more effective business decisions.

White Paper: Navigating the Risks of Digital Innovation in the Medical Technology Industry

In this whitepaper, we share the best practices and questions to dig into when deciding how and when your company needs to go through the process of digital innovation. MedTech companies making this shift need to know how their ROI will pan out, in the long run, to build strategies and make decisions in the short term.