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Industry Insights

White Paper: Designing the Ideal Customer Experience

In this whitepaper, we break down the idea of customer-centricity into key methods and examples that demonstrate how businesses that focus on customer experience benefit in the long run.

Blog / Jan 10 2022

Disruptive Marketing: Going Against the Grain in Advertising

What is Disruptive Marketing? According to Marketing Schools, “disruption is more a business model than a marketing approach.” The idea of disruptive marketing comes from the goal of creating ripples and a splash in crowded markets and sectors. For many businesses, their industry is full of similar businesses to themselves, in fierce and stiff competition. […]

Blog / Dec 23 2021

Join Our Growing OSG Team in 2022!

OSG is a global technology and analytics provider that delivers outcomes to Fortune 500 clients with the help of leading analytical technologies and world-class global resources. The OSG team uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of patients, physicians, consumers, or customers by going beyond the “who” and the “what” and understanding the “how” […]

Blog / Dec 14 2021

Customer Success Story: Tiyale Hayes at BET Viacom

Working alongside Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a strategic partner, OSG has been able to help BET integrate technology to help them understand their audiences. We applied our proven approach for understanding customers in typical business industries to understanding BET’s audience’s behaviors and decision-making processes.   By applying our technology to their target audiences, we could help BET understand how their viewers were making decisions about what to watch. In this specific engagement, […]