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Industry Insights

White Paper: Designing the Ideal Customer Experience

In this whitepaper, we break down the idea of customer-centricity into key methods and examples that demonstrate how businesses that focus on customer experience benefit in the long run.

Blog / Jun 8 2022

Customer Lifetime Value – Is that all we’ve got?

Not all customers are the same – their contribution to revenue and the cost to acquire or retain them varies. How then do businesses identify the right acquisition and retention strategy for their varied customers? Designing a marketing strategy without sufficient understanding of the revenue or cost impact of each customer is like shooting at […]

Blog / Apr 19 2022

Green Strategy: 3 Key Aspects of Strategic Sustainability for Businesses

When it comes to global climate change and how businesses make an impact on the state of our world, much of the messaging consumers receive targets their individual choices. From reducing the use of plastic straws to recycling any materials they possibly can, consumers must deal with a barrage of tips for limiting their personal […]

Blog / Apr 11 2022

A Conversation with Arvind Vij, Our COO and General Counsel

Tell us about your roles at OSG, as both COO and General Counsel. The specific responsibilities are split between the two roles: As COO, I speak on a regular basis with Sukumar, our CEO, and the rest of our management team and independently to prospective investors and potential partners for the company. I also manage […]