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The new benchmark for customer journey tracking

OSG o360TM enables organizations to have a complete holistic view of the customer journey based on both online and offline channels of interaction.

Combining OSG’s powerful analytics and market research experts, OSG o360TM provides unparalleled insights on how to drive business growth by improving customer experience.

Real-time dashboards:

OSG o360TM visualizes customer data on real-time dashboards that are customizable and flexible for ease of use. Filter and drill-down options can be configured based upon the requirements for more granular analysis. Data displayed on dashboards can also be exported easily in a number of convenient formats.

Powerful customer analytics:

OSG o360TM utilizes forward-looking behavioral analytics that provide clear insights into effectively serving current customer needs, as well as future ones. This way, businesses can provide better customer experiences and boost growth. Coupled with consultancy from highly experienced experts, OSG o360TM provides unmatched insight on optimizing customer journeys. 

Highlight journey gaps:

OSG o360TM enables companies to have a holistic view of the entire customer journey all the way from initial intent to final purchase and even beyond to product usage. This process highlights key customer pain points and OSG o360TM goes further by providing optimal ways to tackle each one and prioritizing them by impact on the bottom line.

Rich relevant insights:

OSG o360TM ensures rich and relevant insights in a number of ways. One such way is making sure research respondents are representative of your customers, in case there is no existing panel. Another is including gamification elements to sustain high response rates from participants. Also, questions are configured to be sent to participants at the right time so that their experience remains clear in their minds.   

Tracking omnichannel digital marketing

Personalizing Messages

Personalization at scale requires understanding how different messages resonate with various customers to engage each one individually.

Predicting Future Decisions

Building predictive models of key customer decision-making factors allows businesses to future-proof their strategies to meet unmet needs.

Engaging Customers Better

Solidifying a loyal customer base can help businesses grow steadily and confidently, while also attracting new customers to their products.

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