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A live actionable view of all your customer data

RetailX360TM is designed to help retail stores effectively track and analyze customer and business data. By collecting all relevant data in one application, businesses can plan for the future, based on better data for their needs.

Combining OSG’s powerful analytics and experts in marketing and retail strategy, RetailX360TM provides unparalleled insights on how to drive business growth by understanding customer decisions and planning accordingly.

Integrate all your customer data sources:

Working with you, our team will review all customer data sources and link all the appropriate live data feeds into RetailX360TM. Data sources might include survey data (voice or text), transaction data, loyalty data, store training or audit data, mystery shopping data, and even industry trend data. There are really no limits.

Thorough and forward-looking analysis:

RetailX360TM can model data with using our advanced behavioral and cognitive analytics methodology. Our technology can interface APIs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) engines, such as IBM Watson, Google Vision, and Python, to develop actionable analysis, metrics, and modeling to predict future customer behavior.

Dashboard views configurable for different client requirements:

RetailX360TM’s advanced visualization engine produces customized real-time dashboard analysis of live customer data feeds in a variety of graphical formats. Working with a client, we configure bespoke dashboard views for different user levels within their organization, such as headquarters, regional office, sales force, or individual stores.

Flexible and scalable:

RetailX360TM is a cloud-based PaaS solution able to deal with any size of business and data requirements. Alerts can be set up and customized to the different operational levels of your organization. RetailX360 analysis can be exported in several formats, such as spreadsheets and presentations, and output data can be exported to client systems, such as PowerBI or Tableau. 

Understanding Retail Customer Trends

Understanding Customers

Predicting and planning for customer needs allows businesses to stay top-of-mind. By integrating RetailX360TM, businesses can get real-time data.

Personalized Advertising

Targeted messaging to customers ensures that businesses are optimizing their advertising and marketing strategies.

Consolidate All Data

By gathering all possible customer data, businesses can find opportunities based on the holistic picture of stakeholders and what matters to them.

Want to grow your company the intelligent way? We can help.

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