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Improve health outcomes and lower costs through patient centricity

PatientX360TM was created for applying the OSG approach to everything healthcare-related, from clinical trials to medical management to MedTech product development.

It is designed to be highly flexible and easily configurable for all clients, from pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations, to hospitals and group practices, to health insurance payers and medical device manufacturers.

360° view of patient data:

PatientX360TM can ingest data from all healthcare and patient data sources as well as integrate with a variety of medical devices. This enables companies to have a holistic view of the healthcare journey required for effective patient care.

Unparalleled Insight:

Fueled by OSG’s forward-looking analytics technologies and subject matter experts, PatientX360TM provides unparalleled insight on how to improve continuity and access to healthcare through patient engagement.

Real-time Dashboards:

PatientX360TM captures patient data and displays them on configurable real-time dashboards. Our analytics can filter and drill-down data, all the way to the individual patient. Different dashboard views can be created for different user levels.

All healthcare settings and applications:

Clinical Trials • Real-World Evidence studies post-launch of new drugs • Adherence studies for new pharma products • Patient Registry Management • Phase IV Life Cycle Management • Improving outcomes by managing patients in their post-care setting • Managing along the continuum of care • Behavioral nudging and improving patient outcomes • Integrating device data when patients are in acute and post-acute settings 

Engaging patients in their healthcare

Better Health Outcomes

Monitoring medications and adherence to health plans helps design personalized nudges specific to each patient’s needs and goals.

Improved Patient Experience

Tracking patients across all settings of care, from inpatient to outpatient to home care, allows for understanding their full healthcare journey.

Optimizing Healthcare Costs

By linking insurance companies to healthcare organizations, payers and health networks alike can ensure that their money is efficiently spent on patient care.

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