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Uncover both how & why your customers make decisions

Using our advanced technology solutions, we deliver growth through superior behavioral and cognitive analytics that help you uncover what matters to your customers and drive behavioral change.

The combination of our deep understanding of applying customer behavioral analytics to businesses coupled with our highly developed technology sets us apart from other research providers.

This core approach utilizes our technology platform OSG Dynamo, which can be customized for your specific project, and provides live dashboard updates of research consumer data, as well as relevant external big data feeds, on a completely scalable and highly secure infrastructure.

OSG’s products are not standardized off the shelf Software as a Service (SaaS) products but instead solutions which we configure and customize appropriately to the requirements of each client. This all leads to maximum financial value and return on your research investment.

We work with many blue chip organizations including nine out of the ten largest pharmaceutical companies in the world in the Retail, Consumer Goods, Media, Energy and Financial Services space.

OSG Dashboard

OSG Solutions

OSG o360

OSG o360 provides retailers and consumer packaged goods companies with the ability to fully understand online and in-store customer journeys. Key leverage points along the customer journey are uncovered and prioritized. An o360 study will provide you with an in-depth understanding of when and how best to influence your consumer, with the right message at the right time and place.

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RetailX 360

RetailX360™ utilizes our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics platform to ingest both structured and unstructured data and present a unified live dashboard view to understand immediately changes in the market and consumer behavior along with models to predict future behavior. In our work with clients, we’ve improved store experiences and increased customer retention.

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PatientX 360

PatientX360™ is our groundbreaking solution for companies involved in clinical trials and Real World Evidence / Adherence studies post launch of new drugs. It also has applications for Patient Registry or Phase IV Life Cycle Management, directly improving patient recruitment, engagement, and retention. Improve patient outcomes and gather data from all healthcare stakeholders with our product.

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Upcoming Events and Resources

Join us on October 28th at 12pm EST for an engaging discussion on the role digital smart nudging can play in the prevention of suicide by affecting the choices of users. With our partners at Nolij Consulting, we’re putting together a panel of experts to speak on this topic. 

Register for the webinar here.

Panelists and Moderators:

Dr. Rinad Beidas – director of Penn Medicine Nudge Unit, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Medical Ethics and Health Policy, and Medicine at the Perelman School of Medicine at UPenn

Dr. R Sukumar – CEO and President of OSG Analytics

Ashley Mehta – CEO and President of Nolij Consulting

Keep an eye on our social media for announcements for our panelists! We’re excited to have such a collection of experts to speak at our event!


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