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Blog / Jun 8 2022

Customer Lifetime Value – Is that all we’ve got?

Not all customers are the same – their contribution to revenue and the cost to acquire or retain them varies. How then do businesses identify the right acquisition and retention strategy for their varied customers? Designing a marketing strategy without sufficient understanding of the revenue or cost impact of each customer is like shooting at […]

Blog / Apr 19 2022

Green Strategy: 3 Key Aspects of Strategic Sustainability

When it comes to global climate change and how businesses make an impact on the state of our world, much of the messaging consumers receive targets their individual choices. From reducing the use of plastic straws to recycling any materials they possibly can, consumers must deal with a barrage of tips for limiting their personal […]

Blog / Apr 11 2022

A Conversation with Arvind Vij, Our COO and General Counsel

Tell us about your roles at OSG, as both COO and General Counsel. The specific responsibilities are split between the two roles: As COO, I speak on a regular basis with Sukumar, our CEO, and the rest of our management team and independently to prospective investors and potential partners for the company. I also manage […]

Blog / Apr 6 2022

Customer Success Story: Kelly Sager at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers, especially so with customers like Kelly Sager, who we’ve worked with across two MedTech companies that she’s been with. She continues to come back to OSG for the power of our technology and we’re proud to be making an impact on our customers but also […]

Blog / Mar 27 2022

Women in Tech: Highlighting Women at OSG for Women’s History Month

As employees of OSG, everyone at the company has their hands in technology and analytics, so we wanted to share some of the experiences of women at OSG to celebrate women’s history month and their shared experience as women in a technology company. From marketing to administration to technology to sales, our employees show their […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

AI Governance Framework and the Role of Primary Research

The adoption of technology fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the rise across organizations, industries, and functions. AI predictions are now at the forefront of multiple functional use cases in decision-making, be it in customer experience & centricity, talent engagement, sales & marketing, product development, or service operations. Addressing Key Challenges in the […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

Zero Party Data: Answering 6 Common Questions on the Tech Buzzword

What is Zero Party Data? We’ve previously written about the transition away from third-party cookies and what that means for technology companies and the businesses that needed that data. We also dug into the differences between first, second, and third-party cookies and how they all contribute to the larger field of customer experience management. Now […]

Blog / Feb 25 2022

The OSG Approach to NPS®, Net Promoter Score: OSG o360™ for CX

At OSG Analytics (OSG), we hear from our clients that they are excited to dive into NPS®, or “Net Promoter score,” so that they can get a tangible number, which gives them a clear picture of how they are doing with their customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, NPS “gauges how consistently a firm […]


Turn customer data into remarkable insights


Gather data securely

OSG’s technology platform, which meets the highest industry standards for data safety and security, harnesses predictive data that increases customer engagement.

Better data brings better predictions

Visualize customer data on customizable real-time dashboards that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to get unmatched insights on optimizing customer journeys.

Greater retention and better engagement of your customers

We are revolutionizing the way businesses are approaching their audiences and products from data to sales growth. When personalization is activated, experience increases engagement and faster growth.

Meet our dynamic duo

Our two foundational tools, ASEMAP and OSG Dynamo, help us manage large and multilayered datasets with ease, search for patterns, and predict trends.

A more accurate, efficient & flexible survey structure.

Capture the future now

ASEMAP is our method to understand what customers expect in the future. The technology rapidly creates a future-looking data stream on how to engage customers and what would drive their future behaviors. By performing pair-wise tradeoffs, the algorithm determines the size of commitment between attributes, need statements, or nudges.

Stop asking the obvious!

The ASEMAP algorithm makes providing feedback engaging and avoids the perils of getting obvious answers. Knowing what matters to customers and the “why” behind their behaviors helps drive better engagement and increased sales while helping with designing new experiences and innovations.

Precision data control meets deep, actionable insights

Bring on the power

OSG Dynamo™ consolidates multiple data sources and uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver deeper insights and better customer engagement.  Many of the alternatives in the market only offer a platform for insights or only deliver customer engagement, but never follow through with better data insights, improved predictions and personalization to increased engagement and sales.

Ready to handle it all

OSG Dynamo™ is built on a stacked infrastructure that we can configure to meet the needs of the most demanding projects. It provides outstanding levels of data protection, security, and compliance (GDPR and HIPAA) while satisfying the most demanding standards required by our customers with sensitive patient data or commercial information.


Intelligent growth starts with better data.

All about your customers

OSG o360™ is an omnichannel customer insight application, delivering a holistic understanding of how your customers research, interact, use, and recommend your product or service, online and in-stores.

Understanding choices in health care

This tailored Medical Management, Clinical Trial, and Patient Continuity of Care Application, PatientX360™ drives improved efficiency through reduced costs, and effectiveness through increased patient engagement.

A sharp focus on the retail market

RetailX360™ utilizes our powerful behavioral and cognitive analytics to present a real-time dashboard view of changes in the market and consumer behavior, along with models to help you predict future behavior.

Refining consumer and employee insights

PxidaX™ provides businesses with actionable insights that show what matters most to their customers and employees. Our analytics provide businesses with the data they need to make strategic and impactful decisions.


For best results, mix expertise with technology.

For Medtech

Enhance product value and market success

MedTech companies undergoing digital transformation and strategizing on brand positioning for medical devices benefit from quality data in real-time. Easily divide data into global responsibilities, product launches, and brand messaging.

For Pharma & Healthcare

Accelerate innovative product launches

Collect online and offline data that will enrich your strategies for field and product effectiveness. Multiple teams, including doctors, researchers, clinicians, and pharmaceutical representatives, can efficiently communicate and promptly take action.

For Consumer Goods

See into the future

Using a customer-first approach, you can identify opportunities for new product development and visualize the omnichannel shopping journey. The ability to know more about your customers opens the door to successful branding within already crowded markets.

For Retail

Get to really know your customers

Navigate an ever-changing landscape with real-time, meaningful behavioral analytics throughout the customer lifecycle. Equipped with an expansive database, you will be able to attract and retain customers with personalized experiences.

Make your data work for you.

Your journey to dynamic, customer-centric growth starts here.

Our method works end-to-end, tailored to complex challenges.

Behavioral Analytics

Cutting-edge analytics, real-time insights and customizable dashboards help enhance customer experience and accelerate product launches.

Customer Journey Mapping

Get to know your customers from all angles. Our technology identifies key touchpoints in your customer journey so you can reach your top-funnel goals.

Product R&D

Take the guesswork out of your product launch. Deep insights reveal what customers care about and help you map out your road to success.

Digital Transformation

From manufacturing to supply chain to sales, digitization can help drive business forward by enabling all of the data to talk to each other, making innovation even easier!

Customer Data Platform

Create more personalized, engaging experiences with AI-based customer & audience data shown in your custom, real-time dashboard.

Healthcare Management

Building a stronger relationship between patients and their care will help boost health outcomes in the long run, and improve your customer relationships.


Want to grow your company the intelligent way? We can help.