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Topic: Technology and Analytics

White Paper: The Triple Threat for Marketing and Insights in 2023

In this whitepaper, we tackle the top concerns for teams who work in marketing and insights in 2023. The scale, pace, and fidelity for handling and analyzing data are crucial for making sure these teams are getting actionable insights for making more effective business decisions.

White Paper: Navigating the Risks of Digital Innovation in the Medical Technology Industry

In this whitepaper, we share the best practices and questions to dig into when deciding how and when your company needs to go through the process of digital innovation. MedTech companies making this shift need to know how their ROI will pan out, in the long run, to build strategies and make decisions in the short term.


Navigating the Future of MedTech through Advanced Technology

This webinar is a panel discussion focused on the impact of AI, robotics, and AR/VR within the medical technology industry. With experts in their respective fields in the industry, we share how established and emerging technologies have seen different paths of evolution over time and how they continue to shape the future of MedTech. We’re […]

Case Study: Reception of Targeted Messaging

How OSG helped a global hotel chain reach target audiences through its messaging strategy, to maintain and build their customer base.


Using Machine Learning As Training Wheels To Humanize AI

Very few chat bots actually provide customers with a satisfactory experience or better. Why is that? Find out how you can avoid common pitfalls, as well as create an effective experience that benefits both your consumer and your company. Your Hosts: Simon Dumville – CPO & Managing Director Europe  – OSG Layton Quinton – Director […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

AI Governance Framework and the Role of Primary Research

The adoption of technology fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the rise across organizations, industries, and functions. AI predictions are now at the forefront of multiple functional use cases in decision-making, be it in customer experience & centricity, talent engagement, sales & marketing, product development, or service operations. Addressing Key Challenges in the […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

Zero Party Data: Answering 6 Common Questions on the Tech Buzzword

What is Zero Party Data? We’ve previously written about the transition away from third-party cookies and what that means for technology companies and the businesses that needed that data. We also dug into the differences between first, second, and third-party cookies and how they all contribute to the larger field of customer experience management. Now […]


Advanced Sentiment Analysis: Gaining Significant Market Insights Early to Beat Your Competition

Agenda: OSG Customer Centricity in Financial Services YUKKA Lab Sentiment Analysis Client Case Study: Belvoir Capital Your Hosts: Oliver Berchtold – Co-Founder & Chief of Business Development, YUKKA Lab AG Steffen Bauke – CEO, Belvoir Capital        


Is Big Data Analytics Enough to Solve Your Customer Experience and Growth Problems?

Case Study: Customer Segmentation, Risk Modeling, and Portfolio Management for a Global Health Insurer How OSG helped a global health insurer segment its customers, understand their lifetime value and predict their engagement in the future, thereby establishing a product strategy for every customer segment.    

Blog / Feb 9 2022

PatientX360 Product and Feature Update for February 2022

PatientX360 TM  is a one-stop-shop solution for multiple stakeholders including patients, healthcare practitioners, healthcare providers (Hospitals, Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs), Preferred Provider Organisations (PPOs), Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), group practices, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), etc.), insurance companies and MedTech organizations. The PatientX360 ™ solution is a patient engagement and management platform that offers a single […]

Blog / Oct 27 2021

6 Tech Acronyms You Need to Know: AI and ML and NLP, Oh My!

When it comes to modern life, everything has been turned into acronyms and initialisms. GFI, LOL, OMG, and more litter our everyday speech and writing. But the most acronymized, and rightfully so, is the ever-evolving field of technology. To best capture all of our technology ins easier to manage statements, most tech and digital phrases […]

Blog / Aug 27 2021

DMP or CDP, What’s the Difference? Managing Your Data Effectively

Data Management Platform and Customer Data Platform have become nearly interchangeable in the world of digital business. Both are used to collect and understand the vast amounts of customer data available online, from what sites they visit, to what choices they make, to what purchases they commit to. The Basics of Data Collection and Analysis […]

Blog / Aug 23 2021

No EQ? No Problem, for AI with Machine Learning Capabilities!

Imagine the following scenario: you’re a very conscientious content writer, and you want to make sure that you’re using phenomena or phenomenon in the correct singular or plural context. You go to Google to search for “is phenonema plural”? As you’re typing in the search field, the first suggested search after typing “is phenomena” is […]

Blog / Aug 16 2021

Financial Technology (aka Fintech) and its Impact on Traditional Banking

Financial technology, or “fintech,” with the help of technology-enabled products and services, is rapidly reshaping traditional financial services, making them faster, easier, cheaper, and more accessible. Fintech empowers consumers to take charge of their financial decisions, leading to much greater financial literacy than ever before. In short, fintech combines traditional financial services with the latest […]

Blog / Aug 5 2021

Is Remote Work Here to Stay? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

As vaccination rates are slowly increasing worldwide, workplaces are seeing the opportunity for shifting back to pre-pandemic work styles and culture. We are seeing workplaces shifting back to in-person routines or hybrid routines of partially remote work and partially in-office work schedules. There are also many companies such as Atlassian, Brex, Dropbox, and Twitter which have announced that […]

Blog / Aug 5 2021

Improving Talent Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have brought about revolutionary growth for various industries- be it retail, pharmaceuticals, advertising, travel or finance. AI has made businesses customer-responsive, the most common applications being chatbots and virtual assistants. Given that talent engagement initiatives have led to 26% growth in revenue for organizations according to reports, it is no […]

Blog / Jul 21 2021

The Chatbot Revolution: Establishing Innovative Customer Connections

Over the last decade, brands have spent a considerable amount of time, money and energy on establishing themselves on social media, creating “viral” content to increase brand awareness and recall. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and others have been hailed as the tools to “connect” with customers that were missing all these years. Well, move […]

Blog / Jul 13 2021

Is Your AI/ML Data-Driven Tool Actually Doing a Good Job?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is the most common phrase used in the tech industry these days and is slowly bleeding into every industry that uses technology. It’s almost overused at this point. Nearly every technology tool advertises and seems to depend on AI/ML for how they parse and analyze data. But because of […]

Blog / Jun 11 2021

The Importance of Digital Transformation in the MedTech Industry

Digital transformation, happening in many industries these days, is the shift to integrating technology into the previous regular operations of that sector. From the name itself, it seems as though the MedTech industry has already been digitally transformed, because devices and technology are front and center in the industry. Contrary to that, there are still […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

Customer Journey Mapping: What Everyone Should Know

Imagine you are coming home from the airport after a nice, relaxing vacation. On the way home, the airlines you just flew with sends you a survey to gauge your experience with the flight. You give them a mixed review, that though the flight itself was fine, you had problems with retrieving your luggage from […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: First Party Data and Behavioral Science

This is the final installment in our four-part blog series on the demise of third-party cookies. Check out the previous installments here: Part 1 for what is causing the shift away from third-party cookies, Part 2 for what options exist for companies that relied on them previously, and Part 3 for the power of first-party […]

Blog / May 27 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: First Party Data vs. Third Party Cookies

This is part three in our four-part blog series on the demise of third-party cookies. Check out part 1 for more information on third-party cookies and what is causing the shift away from them, and part 2 for more information on the purpose of third-party cookies and what options there are for companies that relied […]

Blog / May 20 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: What to Do Without Third Party Cookies

This is part two of our four-part blog series on the transition away from the use of third-party cookies. Check out the first part if you missed it for more information on what third-party cookies are and what they’re used for in the world of marketing and business! Who Relies on Third Party Cookies? A […]

Blog / May 13 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: Saying Goodbye to Third Party Cookies

The big news in the market research industry, but especially when it comes to technology solutions, is what to do now that Google and many other platforms will no longer be supporting third party cookies. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening with third party cookies and what this means for companies and […]

Blog / Jun 23 2020

Understanding Individual Behavioral Changes due to COVID-19

Understanding Behavioral Changes Due To COVID-19 Pandemic Have you ever wanted to possess a superpower that would give you the ability to have complete control over the entire world? Did you imagine yourself to be an enormous, towering giant, able to rule with brute force? Or maybe you imagined yourself so small that nobody can […]

Blog / May 21 2019

Behavioral Analytics for a Structured Approach to Storytelling – Understanding Customer Journeys in a Hyperconnected World

Today’s dynamic, digital age demands that business metrics should be strongly linked with customer satisfaction metrics. When customers are not just connected but hyperconnected through a multitude of devices such as wearables, phones, laptops, desktops and much more, it is difficult for brand to differentiate themselves over competitors. Personalization is the need of the hour. […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Disrupt Demand Forecasting by Reading Your Customers’ Minds

Decades ago, in the 1970s and 80s, businesses were bewildered by the complexities that demand forecasting presented. With the onset of enterprise computing at the time, there wasn’t enough customer data available to draw insights on demand. This resulted in massive losses when projected demand didn’t meet actual demand. Between 1980-81, a staggering $500 billion […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Powering You to Effectively Manage Business Risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed industries through its evolved predictive capabilities and superior decision making. Whether we talk about retail, hospitality or healthcare, AI has driven exponential growth in each industry. By leveraging app-based AI and machine learning technologies, businesses can be enabled to interpret situations, adapt to changing scenarios and predict outcomes in real-time […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Superior customer experience in finance – Leveraging the power of behavioral analytics

Imagine this scenario – Two customers dial into a bank’s call center. One of them is looking to explore alternate payment options and the other wants to know their credit statement for the month. You would expect the interactive voice response (IVR) options for both customers to be different. However, they are both presented with […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Picking the Right Customer Experience Platform for your Brand

The Most Important Aspects for a Customer Experience Platform Businesses interact with customers every day. Some days, these interactions may be good and at other days, they might not. But every experience determines whether customers continue to invest time and money with a specific brand. So, like it or not, your customers are talking and […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Revenue Growth in the Digital Age – Using Behavioral Analytics for Smart Customer Retention

Customers are in a state of constant evolution. They are digitally driven, socially connected and mobile empowered. They are at the center of the universe and have more control over the purchase process and how they choose to interact with organizations/brands. Gartner defines this shift well- “The most disruptive thing in the market is not […]

Blog / Jun 15 2022

Beyond Social Media: Using Behavioral Analytics for Messaging Strategies

The right messaging strategy to connect with your customers, especially on social media, can take your brand to the next level of success. As businesses become savvier and savvier in ensuring a market fit for a product, their marketing heads are also constantly thinking about bringing about a strong message/customer fit. What does this mean? […]

Blog / Dec 30 2018

Big Data Has Changed How We Understand our Customers – Or Has it?

The rush into Digital Transformation and use of digital marketing channels has seen an increase in observational data, almost 80% of which is unstructured. Under such circumstances, understanding your customer or getting a 360° view has a new meaning. Many have questioned whether traditional approaches like the use of surveys will be necessary because of […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

Behavioral Nudges Can Drive Sales for Your Business

The government of UK had been struggling with declining pension saving rates among those that were employed in the private sector. To counter this, they adopted the UK pension policy in 2012, which mandated all employers to create “automatic enrolment” to the pension scheme. This meant that a portion of every employee’s compensation would be […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

A call to action aka “Buy Now” button is not enough to succeed in e-commerce retailing

Digital Transformation is here to stay. Companies have taken to adopting SMAC – social, mobile, analytics, and the cloud. We have seen digital transformation go through five generations of evolution:   Phase I: The early stage of the digital transformation (the mid-1990s) saw customers accelerating collaboration and connectivity with digital technology- AOL/Hotmail based emails, Yahoo/Google […]

Blog / Nov 7 2018

Optimizing Sales and Generating Profit for Your Product – Augmenting your Pricing Strategy with Behavioral Analytics

Every product marketer will emphasize how crucial pricing is while launching a product. But organizations often struggle at determining the exact price point – how much should a product’s price be? Charge too much and it won’t sell. Charge too little and you forgo revenues and profits.   Charging a product at a higher price […]