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Topic: Medical Devices and MedTech


Smart Nudging: Can Digital Healthcare Technologies Prevent Suicide?

In partnership with Nolij Consulting and sponsored by IBM, we hosted a webinar on the topic of how smart nudging and digital healthcare technologies can play a vital role in preventing suicide and addressing mental health concerns for veterans. While in the military and while transitioning back to civilian life, veterans face a lot of […]

Case Study: New Concepts in Crowded Markets

How OSG helped a global medical devices company evaluate perceptions of a new product concept intended to be used for identifying hazardous drug contamination in pharmacies


Pricing Strategies for Software Embedded Medical Devices in the Age of Big Data

  Agenda: Focus on Pricing Strategies for Software Embedded Medical Devices using data. Your Hosts: Dr R Sukumar– CEO, OSG David Levine– Director, Client Engagement OSG  

Blog / Sep 27 2021

Patient Journey: 4 Key Aspects to Telling Healthcare Stories

As seen in stories since the dawn of time, a character’s journey is never a simple or linear endeavor. A journey comes along with characters, obstacles, and key events that can twist and change the route. The path may look straightforward, especially to observers, but it seldom truly is a linear path. Nowhere is this complexity […]

Blog / Sep 13 2021

The Power of Medication Management Technology in Healthcare

The Current State of Medication Management The science behind modern medications is always evolving and always progressing. We see that in the news with new treatments, cures, and prevention methods for all sorts of illnesses and conditions. The downside of this wondrous science is the complexity of the medications that need to be administered. Many […]

Blog / Jun 11 2021

The Importance of Digital Transformation in the MedTech Industry

Digital transformation, happening in many industries these days, is the shift to integrating technology into the previous regular operations of that sector. From the name itself, it seems as though the MedTech industry has already been digitally transformed, because devices and technology are front and center in the industry. Contrary to that, there are still […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

The Roles Key Opinion Leaders or Thought Leaders Play in the Pharmaceutical and Medical devices Industry

Who is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL), or more specifically a Thought Leader? KOLs are highly influential medical experts and advisors in their domain and are respected and relied upon by their peers to provide a true assessment of efficacy and safety of a drug or a device. This is why scientific discussions/forums initiated by […]