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Topic: Industry Insights

White Paper: The Triple Threat for Marketing and Insights in 2023

In this whitepaper, we tackle the top concerns for teams who work in marketing and insights in 2023. The scale, pace, and fidelity for handling and analyzing data are crucial for making sure these teams are getting actionable insights for making more effective business decisions.


Sustainability: The Reward of Getting it Right

When it comes to sustainability in business strategy, it’s hard for businesses to decide where to start and what initiatives to implement. And in an uncertain area of strategy, largely driven by ROI, it’s dangerous to make the wrong decision when it comes to implementing these initiatives, at the risk of making little to no […]


Who is the Customer? Navigating Sales and Strategy in MedTech

This is the second part of our series on the application and use of advanced technology in the medical device sector. In this webinar, we’ll dive into how building customer strategy can vary widely across the medical device sector. Whether the devices are being developed for use and purchase by patients, their families, their physicians, […]

Case Study: Empowering Electrical Contractors

How OSG helped a global specialist in energy management and automation build a measurement infrastructure to better engage with customers to impact acquisition and purchases.

White Paper: De-Risking Pricing Strategy Decisions During Rapid Inflation

In this whitepaper, we share strategies for taking the risk out of business decisions during times of rapid inflation. When businesses need stability, best practices like these are necessary to instill confidence in the decision-making process.

Case Study: Subscribing for Better Strategy

How OSG helped a streaming subscription service strategize its pricing and content to reach a wider audience base through targeted needs-based actions.

White Paper: Designing the Ideal Customer Experience

In this whitepaper, we break down the idea of customer-centricity into key methods and examples that demonstrate how businesses that focus on customer experience benefit in the long run.

White Paper: The Value of Customer Journey Mapping

We share the importance of customer journey mapping and how organizations can get a better understanding of customer experience through this exercise.


Understanding Your Return on Investment From Digital Transformation

This webinar delves into the different approaches to accessing return on investment (ROI) during digital transformation activities your company might undertake. By understanding your options, you can better help your organization through the complex process of digital transformation. Digital transformation is important in our current global shift to the digitization and can be an expensive […]

Blog / Jun 8 2022

Customer Lifetime Value – Is that all we’ve got?

Not all customers are the same – their contribution to revenue and the cost to acquire or retain them varies. How then do businesses identify the right acquisition and retention strategy for their varied customers? Designing a marketing strategy without sufficient understanding of the revenue or cost impact of each customer is like shooting at […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

AI Governance Framework and the Role of Primary Research

The adoption of technology fueled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been on the rise across organizations, industries, and functions. AI predictions are now at the forefront of multiple functional use cases in decision-making, be it in customer experience & centricity, talent engagement, sales & marketing, product development, or service operations. Addressing Key Challenges in the […]

Blog / Mar 10 2022

Zero Party Data: Answering 6 Common Questions on the Tech Buzzword

What is Zero Party Data? We’ve previously written about the transition away from third-party cookies and what that means for technology companies and the businesses that needed that data. We also dug into the differences between first, second, and third-party cookies and how they all contribute to the larger field of customer experience management. Now […]

Blog / Feb 25 2022

The OSG Approach to NPS®, Net Promoter Score: OSG o360™ for CX

At OSG Analytics (OSG), we hear from our clients that they are excited to dive into NPS®, or “Net Promoter score,” so that they can get a tangible number, which gives them a clear picture of how they are doing with their customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, NPS “gauges how consistently a firm […]

Blog / Feb 3 2022

7 Questions You Should Have Been Asking Your Customers All Along

Customer feedback usually comes at key touchpoints along the customer journey: after a purchase is made, if a return or refund must be processed, after a shipped order arrives, etc. Using these avenues for gathering customer data and sentiment is helpful for businesses looking to understand how customers connect to their business. But businesses need […]


Product and Brand Portfolio: Balance Customer Value Propositions and Pricing Strategies

  Case Study: Two Fundamental Concepts That Are Important to Understanding Pricing Strategy Price Elasticity of Demand – The higher something is priced, the fewer people will buy it/the less of it they will buy Value Creation and Capture is a simple framework to understand the impact of a price point to both our client […]


How Do We Make Brand Tracking More Actionable? OSG Has The Answers

Help understand in-market brand performance: Brand Perceptions on specific KPI’s/Attributes that matter to customers Effectiveness of marketing channels in communicating the brand’s value proposition etc. Determine if the performance is in line with expectations and make changes (if required) to the brand’s marketing strategy      

Blog / Jan 10 2022

Disruptive Marketing: Going Against the Grain in Advertising

What is Disruptive Marketing? According to Marketing Schools, “disruption is more a business model than a marketing approach.” The idea of disruptive marketing comes from the goal of creating ripples and a splash in crowded markets and sectors. For many businesses, their industry is full of similar businesses to themselves, in fierce and stiff competition. […]

Blog / Jan 2 2022

5 Trends to Look Forward to in 2022, in Business and Beyond

The new year always brings a sense of uncertainty, hope, and possibility, all mixed together. It’s a time for setting ambitious goals for the future and reflecting on past achievements. The new year comes with the openness of all possibilities, even if it’s just the calendar turning a page. It feels like a new beginning […]


Developing Successful Innovations: A Case Study for Collaborative Discipline in Creativity

Discussion points: How to understand end-user unmet needs, and define clear problem statements to be solved How to generate solutions to unmet user needs and new opportunities for innovation How to validate with end-users and customers, reduce go-to-market risks, and increase business success potential Your Host: Dr R Sukumar – CEO, OSG Mathieu Turpault – […]


Using The Consumer Jobs Framework To Uncover Innovation

Case Study: Identifying Opportunities for a Leading Global Frozen Produce Brand Situation Insights Results    

Blog / Nov 3 2021

6 Innovative Practices in Digital Marketing for 2021 and Beyond

Digital marketing has been the “new normal” for businesses for much longer than a forced shift online by a global pandemic. But even though digital marketing has been around for a while, it continues to change and evolve as customers change how they make decisions and purchases based on technology innovations. Here are some of […]


Rebirth of a Brand: How to stand out in a crowded, mature, and slow growing market

  Case Studies: A Leading CPG company was facing significant challenges. OSG helped to understand why the client’s brand equity struggled during economic change. Focus on increasing competition, limited shelf life Increasing reliance on promotions New “enhanced’ products  

Blog / Oct 27 2021

6 Tech Acronyms You Need to Know: AI and ML and NLP, Oh My!

When it comes to modern life, everything has been turned into acronyms and initialisms. GFI, LOL, OMG, and more litter our everyday speech and writing. But the most acronymized, and rightfully so, is the ever-evolving field of technology. To best capture all of our technology ins easier to manage statements, most tech and digital phrases […]


Caution! Competitor Wargaming Can Be Hazardous!

  Webinar Background: Competitor wargaming relies on several strategies done exceptionally well: Developing accurate and robust assumptions about how your competitors will approach the market Identifying the implications to the market and specifically to your company and products  


Creating an Embarrassment of Riches: OSG’s Approach to Innovation Using Jobs and Outcomes

  How to make this real in your organization using innovation? Understanding  how to yearn for future thinking Mapping  your focus areas and key KPIs Working to gain the ultimate commitment Your Host: Dr R Sukumar–  CEO, OSG Tiyale Hayes – SVP Consumer Insights, BET Networks – A Viacom Company  

Blog / Sep 21 2021

Harnessing Consumer Emotions: Recharge Your Brand and Fuel Growth

In the age of advanced technology and the informed consumer, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd and firmly plant your brand’s image in consumers’ minds. Better products lead to more imitations and as such, competition is at an all-time high. So how do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? By […]

Blog / Aug 27 2021

DMP or CDP, What’s the Difference? Managing Your Data Effectively

Data Management Platform and Customer Data Platform have become nearly interchangeable in the world of digital business. Both are used to collect and understand the vast amounts of customer data available online, from what sites they visit, to what choices they make, to what purchases they commit to. The Basics of Data Collection and Analysis […]

Blog / Aug 23 2021

No EQ? No Problem, for AI with Machine Learning Capabilities!

Imagine the following scenario: you’re a very conscientious content writer, and you want to make sure that you’re using phenomena or phenomenon in the correct singular or plural context. You go to Google to search for “is phenonema plural”? As you’re typing in the search field, the first suggested search after typing “is phenomena” is […]

Blog / Aug 12 2021

Can Design Thinking Lead to Growth? Only if it Centers Customers

Applying Design Thinking to Business   Design Thinking, like the scientific method that you may have learned in school, is an iterative process for learning. For design thinking, the goal is to seek to understand a given user through the iterations, rather than working towards a conclusion to a science or research experiment. But in both cases, the process starts with […]

Blog / Aug 12 2021

Stages of the Customer Journey: From Discovery to Purchase to Advocacy

The customer journey describes the full experience, from beginning to end, that customers have with a specific product or service. Based on a given customer’s needs, they may start by searching based on a specific need, or they may start by looking into a product or business that they have heard of, to decide how […]

Blog / Aug 5 2021

Is Remote Work Here to Stay? 5 Reasons Why We Think So

As vaccination rates are slowly increasing worldwide, workplaces are seeing the opportunity for shifting back to pre-pandemic work styles and culture. We are seeing workplaces shifting back to in-person routines or hybrid routines of partially remote work and partially in-office work schedules. There are also many companies such as Atlassian, Brex, Dropbox, and Twitter which have announced that […]

Blog / Aug 5 2021

Improving Talent Experience with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have brought about revolutionary growth for various industries- be it retail, pharmaceuticals, advertising, travel or finance. AI has made businesses customer-responsive, the most common applications being chatbots and virtual assistants. Given that talent engagement initiatives have led to 26% growth in revenue for organizations according to reports, it is no […]

Blog / Jul 22 2021

The Urgent Need for Decarbonization in Energy Industry on a Global Scale

In our work with customers of all sorts, we have seen underlying systems inevitably impact the decisions and work our clients are doing in addressing their customers’ needs. One of the biggest and most pressing system-driven business needs is sustainability. Sustainability starts from product development and delivery all the way to company operations. One of […]

Blog / Jul 21 2021

The Chatbot Revolution: Establishing Innovative Customer Connections

Over the last decade, brands have spent a considerable amount of time, money and energy on establishing themselves on social media, creating “viral” content to increase brand awareness and recall. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat and others have been hailed as the tools to “connect” with customers that were missing all these years. Well, move […]

Blog / Jul 13 2021

Is Your AI/ML Data-Driven Tool Actually Doing a Good Job?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) is the most common phrase used in the tech industry these days and is slowly bleeding into every industry that uses technology. It’s almost overused at this point. Nearly every technology tool advertises and seems to depend on AI/ML for how they parse and analyze data. But because of […]

Blog / Jul 2 2021

What are Behavioral Nudges and How Do They Work?

For many people, the idea that we are not in control of our own decisions would seem ludicrous. Most of us consider personal freedom is and always has been a given. Despite this, behavioral nudges have, for more than two decades, used science to provide subtle messaging that helps to ease us into a particular […]

Blog / Jun 25 2021

Celebrating Pride: 4 Tips for Managing and Supporting a Diverse Team

The world is getting flatter and the global workforce is becoming more and more interconnected. To be prepared and confident in leading teams of diverse and disparate individuals, managers must pick up skills couched in learning, understanding, and connecting with their team members. Some companies have shown that shifting away from managing and more towards […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: First Party Data and Behavioral Science

This is the final installment in our four-part blog series on the demise of third-party cookies. Check out the previous installments here: Part 1 for what is causing the shift away from third-party cookies, Part 2 for what options exist for companies that relied on them previously, and Part 3 for the power of first-party […]

Blog / May 27 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: First Party Data vs. Third Party Cookies

This is part three in our four-part blog series on the demise of third-party cookies. Check out part 1 for more information on third-party cookies and what is causing the shift away from them, and part 2 for more information on the purpose of third-party cookies and what options there are for companies that relied […]

Blog / May 20 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: What to Do Without Third Party Cookies

This is part two of our four-part blog series on the transition away from the use of third-party cookies. Check out the first part if you missed it for more information on what third-party cookies are and what they’re used for in the world of marketing and business! Who Relies on Third Party Cookies? A […]

Blog / May 13 2021

A New Cookie for a New Era: Saying Goodbye to Third Party Cookies

The big news in the market research industry, but especially when it comes to technology solutions, is what to do now that Google and many other platforms will no longer be supporting third party cookies. Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening with third party cookies and what this means for companies and […]

Blog / Jun 23 2020

Understanding Individual Behavioral Changes due to COVID-19

Understanding Behavioral Changes Due To COVID-19 Pandemic Have you ever wanted to possess a superpower that would give you the ability to have complete control over the entire world? Did you imagine yourself to be an enormous, towering giant, able to rule with brute force? Or maybe you imagined yourself so small that nobody can […]

Blog / May 21 2019

Behavioral Analytics for a Structured Approach to Storytelling – Understanding Customer Journeys in a Hyperconnected World

Today’s dynamic, digital age demands that business metrics should be strongly linked with customer satisfaction metrics. When customers are not just connected but hyperconnected through a multitude of devices such as wearables, phones, laptops, desktops and much more, it is difficult for brand to differentiate themselves over competitors. Personalization is the need of the hour. […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Disrupt Demand Forecasting by Reading Your Customers’ Minds

Decades ago, in the 1970s and 80s, businesses were bewildered by the complexities that demand forecasting presented. With the onset of enterprise computing at the time, there wasn’t enough customer data available to draw insights on demand. This resulted in massive losses when projected demand didn’t meet actual demand. Between 1980-81, a staggering $500 billion […]

Blog / Nov 7 2018

Optimizing Sales and Generating Profit for Your Product – Augmenting your Pricing Strategy with Behavioral Analytics

Every product marketer will emphasize how crucial pricing is while launching a product. But organizations often struggle at determining the exact price point – how much should a product’s price be? Charge too much and it won’t sell. Charge too little and you forgo revenues and profits.   Charging a product at a higher price […]