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Topic: Get to Know OSG

Blog / Apr 19 2022

Green Strategy: 3 Key Aspects of Strategic Sustainability

When it comes to global climate change and how businesses make an impact on the state of our world, much of the messaging consumers receive targets their individual choices. From reducing the use of plastic straws to recycling any materials they possibly can, consumers must deal with a barrage of tips for limiting their personal […]

Blog / Apr 11 2022

A Conversation with Arvind Vij, Our COO and General Counsel

Tell us about your roles at OSG, as both COO and General Counsel. The specific responsibilities are split between the two roles: As COO, I speak on a regular basis with Sukumar, our CEO, and the rest of our management team and independently to prospective investors and potential partners for the company. I also manage […]

Blog / Apr 6 2022

Customer Success Story: Kelly Sager at Beckman Coulter Diagnostics

We’re proud of the relationships we’ve built with our customers, especially so with customers like Kelly Sager, who we’ve worked with across two MedTech companies that she’s been with. She continues to come back to OSG for the power of our technology and we’re proud to be making an impact on our customers but also […]

Blog / Mar 27 2022

Women in Tech: Highlighting Women at OSG for Women’s History Month

As employees of OSG, everyone at the company has their hands in technology and analytics, so we wanted to share some of the experiences of women at OSG to celebrate women’s history month and their shared experience as women in a technology company. From marketing to administration to technology to sales, our employees show their […]

Blog / Feb 14 2022

DHA Awards Optimal Strategix Group, Inc., in partnership with Nolij Consulting, Five-Year DHMS Contract

The United States Defense Health Agency (DHA) announced that Optimal Strategix Group, Inc (OSG), a customer-centric global technology and analytics provider, is one of the three small businesses being awarded a five-year contract in support of the Defense Healthcare Management Systems (DHMS) Workforce 3.0 digital transformation efforts.  Workforce 3.0 is part of the Program Executive […]

Blog / Feb 9 2022

PatientX360 Product and Feature Update for February 2022

PatientX360 TM  is a one-stop-shop solution for multiple stakeholders including patients, healthcare practitioners, healthcare providers (Hospitals, Accountable Care Organisations (ACOs), Preferred Provider Organisations (PPOs), Health Maintenance Organisations (HMOs), group practices, Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs), etc.), insurance companies and MedTech organizations. The PatientX360 ™ solution is a patient engagement and management platform that offers a single […]

Blog / Dec 23 2021

Join Our Growing OSG Team in 2022!

OSG is a global technology and analytics provider that delivers outcomes to Fortune 500 clients with the help of leading analytical technologies and world-class global resources. The OSG team uniquely combines historical data with the future needs of patients, physicians, consumers, or customers by going beyond the “who” and the “what” and understanding the “how” […]

Blog / Dec 14 2021

Customer Success Story: Tiyale Hayes at BET Viacom

Working alongside Black Entertainment Television (BET) as a strategic partner, OSG has been able to help BET integrate technology to help them understand their audiences. We applied our proven approach for understanding customers in typical business industries to understanding BET’s audience’s behaviors and decision-making processes. By applying our technology to their target audiences, we could help BET understand how their viewers were making decisions about what to watch. In this specific engagement, we […]

Blog / Dec 13 2021

OSG Rebranding Announcement

Brand Upgrade for OSG Analytics  As our company has grown and changed over the years, we’ve used a new logo and branding to symbolize our shift in how we approach customer-centricity. This newest version of our company look showcases our goal to develop and optimize our technology and solutions for the future. And our new […]

Blog / Dec 2 2021

Partnership Announcement: Blueshift and OSG Analytics

DECEMBER 2, 2021 – Blueshift, the leading Omnichannel Customer Data Platform (CDP) software company, and OSG Analytics, a customer-centric global technology and analytics provider, today announced a partnership that will enable brands to combine cutting-edge customer journey analytics and industry-leading customer journey orchestration, powered by unified omnichannel customer data. Blueshift was recently recognized among the fastest growing […]

Blog / Oct 21 2021

A Conversation with Dr. Satya Varagoor, Our EVP of Operations

Tell us about your role at OSG as EVP of Operations. As the Global Head of Operations, I manage teams that are responsible for all aspects of project delivery, from design to data collection and analysis, and delivering actionable results to our clients. Our operations teams are in the US and India mainly, with a […]

Blog / Jul 29 2021

Tips for Your Physical and Mental Health in the Workplace

As beautifully demonstrated on the global stage by Simone Biles, you might be in excellent physical shape, but your mental health matters just as much to your overall wellbeing and should be prioritized. Ignoring or not addressing one aspect of your health will harm you in the long run. Finding that balance and forming good […]

Blog / Jul 2 2021

What are Behavioral Nudges and How Do They Work?

For many people, the idea that we are not in control of our own decisions would seem ludicrous. Most of us consider personal freedom is and always has been a given. Despite this, behavioral nudges have, for more than two decades, used science to provide subtle messaging that helps to ease us into a particular […]

Blog / Jun 30 2021

OSG Family: Continuous Learning and Professional Development

As with many industries and aspects of life that have shifted to the digital space, corporate learning and training has undergone a shift to virtual delivery of content to its remote employees, especially during the past year with the pandemic. Forbes wrote about this trend in 2020, claiming that “corporate education will never return to the classroom” and pointing out the benefits of moving […]

Blog / Jun 25 2021

Celebrating Pride: 4 Tips for Managing and Supporting a Diverse Team

The world is getting flatter and the global workforce is becoming more and more interconnected. To be prepared and confident in leading teams of diverse and disparate individuals, managers must pick up skills couched in learning, understanding, and connecting with their team members. Some companies have shown that shifting away from managing and more towards […]

Blog / Jun 23 2021

Agile Technology and Development: Talk with VP of Engineering Pasupathy

Over the past year, what changes have you seen happen within OSG in how our teams and projects operate? Necessity is the mother of all inventions. No one ever imagined that people could work remotely and produce phenomenal results. No one ever imagined that even such a possibility existed. The pandemic has forced us to […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

Celebrating Pride: Use and Importance of Pronouns in the Workplace

As with many aspects of implementing DEIB practices in the workplace, implementing a practice that serves everyone, but especially any minority group, might not occur automatically to anyone in the majority. In this case, implementing the practice of sharing pronouns feels unnecessary to those who benefit from the privilege of being cisgender, those who are […]

Blog / Jun 9 2021

Celebrating Pride: Building a Culture of Belonging at Work

Pride Month was started to commemorate the Stonewall riots, which occurred in June 1969. The month of June is dedicated to recognizing the impact LGBTQIA+ people have had in the world and continue to have in our workplaces, our communities, and our world at-large. We hope you take this time to acknowledge the struggles faced […]

Blog / May 25 2021

Hackathon: Showcasing Our Big Spirit at OSG, December 2020

First Annual Hackathon As a celebration of and challenge to the brilliant minds working at OSG Analytics, we held an internal Hackathon this past December to see how creative our analytic minds could get. The idea behind the Hackathon was to showcase all employee ideas and knowledge on how to take our technology to the […]

Blog / May 20 2021

APAHM: Small Businesses that are Driving Change

In honor of May being Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), we’re highlighting 7 small businesses, owned and run by Asian and Pacific Americans, that are driving change. These businesses are bringing new offerings to the world of online shopping and are impacting the industry through how they’ve designed, grown, and continue to evolve their products. […]

Blog / May 16 2021

Team Management in Marketing Tech: A Talk with India Director, Dr. Sriram

Dr. Sriram Somasundaram joined OSG Analytics in a consulting capacity and then as the Managing Director of the Bengaluru office, to continue leading and mentoring through team management in his retirement.   Up until his retirement, he worked as an engineer, both in academia at Texas A&M University and in research at Pacific Northwest National […]

Blog / May 12 2021

OSG Family on Work From Home: Persevering Through the Pandemic

Talking about a global pandemic is difficult. It is scary that so much has changed in the past year, and it is uncertain how much the world will continue to change moving forward. We wanted to take this time to share what has worked for us at OSG with continuing to work from home and […]

Blog / May 9 2021

Remote Work and Marketing Solutions: A Talk With Our CPO, Simon

Simon Dumville is our Chief Product and Marketing Officer, overseeing our solutions and making sure everyone knows about the powers of OSG! He shared his tips and tricks for remote work as well as insights on changes to OSG’s culture and development processes during the pandemic.   Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what changes have […]

Blog / May 5 2021

Five Professional Development Book Recommendations

Spring is a time of changes and growth, and what better way to showcase that than through sharing our favorite books that help us grow. Here are some great recommendations of books surrounding professional development from the OSG team.   From Gita, Director of Learning and Development The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal […]

Blog / May 3 2021

Stop Asian Hate: Time to Create Change Together

Over the past year, the world has seen an increase in the number and publicization of hate crimes against our very own neighbors and friends, especially our Black and Asian community members. This violence and hatred must stop. Through awareness, reporting, and building community, we hope that it will stop. OSG Analytics strives to make […]

Blog / Apr 15 2021

Working from Home and the Growth of OSG Analytics: A Talk With Our CEO, Dr. Sukumar

Dr. R Sukumar, the Founder and CEO of OSG Analytics, has seen the company change and grow since its founding, especially during the past year of working from home due to a global pandemic. Through this interview, we learn about his personal experience with working from home and how OSG as a whole has adapted […]