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Topic: Financial Services

Case Study: Customer Service that Makes Cents

How OSG helped its client, one of the largest wealth management companies in the UK, to increase client engagement and improve retention.

Case Study: Penny for Your Customers’ Thoughts

How OSG helped a leading global benefits consulting firm unify their fragmented business data to segment customers and develop a suitable marketing strategy that improved profitability.



Is Big Data Analytics Enough to Solve Your Customer Experience and Growth Problems?

Case Study: Customer Segmentation, Risk Modeling, and Portfolio Management for a Global Health Insurer How OSG helped a global health insurer segment its customers, understand their lifetime value and predict their engagement in the future, thereby establishing a product strategy for every customer segment.    


How a Global Insurance Company focused on Customer Lifetime Value and Maximized Portfolio Profitability: Part 1

  Case Study: How a global insurance company focused on customer lifetime value and maximized portfolio profitability Behavioral Analytics Risk, Lifetime Value, and Interventions Data, Analytics and Digital Innovation Path to Execution Your Host: Frank Gencarelli – Industry Leader  

Blog / Aug 16 2021

Financial Technology (aka Fintech) and its Impact on Traditional Banking

Financial technology, or “fintech,” with the help of technology-enabled products and services, is rapidly reshaping traditional financial services, making them faster, easier, cheaper, and more accessible. Fintech empowers consumers to take charge of their financial decisions, leading to much greater financial literacy than ever before. In short, fintech combines traditional financial services with the latest […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance – Powering You to Effectively Manage Business Risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed industries through its evolved predictive capabilities and superior decision making. Whether we talk about retail, hospitality or healthcare, AI has driven exponential growth in each industry. By leveraging app-based AI and machine learning technologies, businesses can be enabled to interpret situations, adapt to changing scenarios and predict outcomes in real-time […]

Blog / Mar 4 2019

Superior customer experience in finance – Leveraging the power of behavioral analytics

Imagine this scenario – Two customers dial into a bank’s call center. One of them is looking to explore alternate payment options and the other wants to know their credit statement for the month. You would expect the interactive voice response (IVR) options for both customers to be different. However, they are both presented with […]

Blog / Dec 29 2018

Data Analytics in Banking and Financial Services

In today’s data-driven world, data analytics in banking plays a crucial role in informing decision-making to drive organizations forward, improve efficiency, increase returns, and achieve business goals. For the uninitiated, data analytics is the process of discovery, interpretation, and conveying meaningful insights from data to help in the decision-making process… The big data and business […]